The devastating results of truck accidents can be quiet costly and can also lead a person to suffer life-threatening injuries or even to lose their life. Since the consequences are so dire, all truck drivers should be properly educated on what circumstances can increase their chances of getting into an accident so that they avoid getting into such scenarios, to begin with.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has compiled a list of factors which explain the main reasons why truckers get into car accidents. The list is as follows:

  • When truckers speed
  • When truckers are unfamiliar with the road they are driving on
  • When truckers have problems with their brakes
  • When traffic is not flowing in an expected manner
  • When truckers are fatigued
  • When truckers are medicated (with over the counter medication)

If truckers are familiar with the most common causes of accidents which are mentioned above then they can take precautionary measures in order to ensure they reduce their chances of getting into a collision. For instance, truckers can make sure they do not drive when they are tired or when they have taken any medication which makes them feel drowsy. They can also ensure their brakes are always properly maintained and in good working order so that they do not suddenly stop working when they are driving.

What should I do if I have gotten into an accident?

The first thing which should be done after an accident is that the police and ambulance should be contacted. Unfortunately, it is almost always necessary to involve the police when a truck has gotten into a collision on the road because of the massive damages, road blockage, and physical injuries which often arise from such situations.

Once the authorities have been contacted and all injuries have been taken into consideration, the truck driver should exchange contact information with the other drivers. A person should refrain from saying too much during this time as their statement may be used against them in court.

Truck drivers who have gotten into a collision need to make sure they contact a legal representative who specializes in dealing with truck collisions in Grand Rapids, MI. A truck accident attorney will investigate the situation in detail and will be able to assist a driver in understanding the possible defenses they can put up in court.

Investigating is a major part of the legal process when it comes to collisions involving such large vehicles. An attorney will be able to conduct a thorough investigation and, in turn, collect the required pieces of evidence so that the fault of the driver is reduced significantly.

If a driver suffered personal injuries and the accident occurred due to a malfunctioning of the truck part or other circumstance which does not directly involve the driver then they will most likely be eligible to claim compensation to pay for their medical bills and suffering.