Because Chicago is the second largest metro area in the USA, there is a lot of work that needs to be done and things that need to be transported with large trucks. However, having large amounts of traffic, along with trucks constantly driving on the roads means that accidents are likely to occur. Truck accidents are especially dangerous because they cause more damage to smaller vehicles and surrounding property than accidents involving only normal cars. There have been a number of local cases where a truck can collide with a piece of property and totally destroy it.

A recent crash involving a pickup truck on the Northwest side of the city shows how things can go wrong

A pickup truck drove into a building and came out the other side in Kilbourn Park early in the morning. Police arrived on the scene at the 4200 block of West Belmont Ave to find that the pickup essentially drove through the building, causing large amounts of property damage. The truck also had significant front end damage and debris was left all over the area. The driver told police that his vision became blurry and he could not see. At this point, there were no citations issued related to the actions of the driver. A homeless man who tried to help at the scene was hit by a falling brick, but he is in the hospital in stable condition. West Belmont Ave was affected by severe traffic delays because of the incident.

Cases of drivers causing property damage and injuries

In the case of a careless driver who has caused property damage and injuries, it is possible to file a civil lawsuit for damages. While drivers are on the road, they have a general duty to exercise reasonable care, which includes avoiding most accidents and stationary objects such as buildings. Even if the driver is not issued any traffic citations or charged criminally for their bad driving, it is still recommended to file a lawsuit.

When a driver causes significant losses to a structure in an incident like this, it is possible to sue the driver, along with their insurance company or employer to pay for the property damage. Because it was a single car accident, it is unlikely that any other drivers or obstacles on the road can be held responsible for the collision.

Calculating damages

When an attorney brings a case against a driver for property destruction, the most important step can be to calculate damages. This essentially means the person or business who was affected by the property loss can make a claim to make repairs or the structure or be paid for injuries they sustained. This may include more than just the value of the property or costs of repairs. It can also include lost wages or income related to the business conducted in the building while it is no longer in use. A lawyer may also be able to argue that the driver should pay out additional damages called punitive damages for reckless driving on the roads. Each individual accident has many factors to consider, including the value of the destroyed property, so it is best to have a conversation with a lawyer who has handled many truck accident cases. The state of Illinois also has its own set of negligence laws which cover most automobile accidents, and your attorney can explain how this works.

Get legal help from a truck accident lawyer

Lawyers and firms in the Chicago area who specialize in helping people affected by truck accidents are available for guidance. There are convenient ways to obtain their information online and ask for legal advice based on your personal situation.