Baton Rouge, LA – Truck accidents can be devastating because of the large amount of damage that these heavy vehicles cause to property and people nearby. While insurance can help pay for the costs that result from the collision, it is also possible that various parties may try to sue the company responsible for the incident for compensation. In most cases, the accident will end up costing hundreds or thousands of dollars or more, but the business may have special insurance to cover their losses. 

Average truck crash costs

Most truck and vehicle collisions end up costing somewhere between a few hundred thousand dollars to a million dollars when all damages, losses, and liability is considered. This may include things like lost cargo, property damage to the vehicles and roads, medical treatment for everyone involved, and lost wages and income for the drivers and others hurt. If someone sustains fatal injuries, or the truck was pulling multiple trailers, these costs tend to multiply into the several million dollar range. If the driver or any other victims are paralyzed or permanently disabled, this is another factor that increases costs significantly due to liability for medical costs. 

Most companies invest in regular repairs and maintenance on their vehicles to minimize the possibility of a crash.  

The value of a lawsuit against a trucking company

When a victim is hurt by a truck driver and they decide to bring a civil case, there are a number of variables that can affect how much the company that owns the vehicle will have to pay out. The most significant variable is whether anyone injured in the accident is seriously hurt. Long term medical treatment and healthcare costs can become very large, and quickly grow into the hundred thousand or million dollar range. Generally speaking, lawsuits associated with minor accidents or vehicle damage alone do not cost the company large amounts of money. 

Commercial insurance

Because costs associated with any kind of truck or commercial vehicle accident are so high, it is common for these businesses to buy fleet insurance or some kind of other comprehensive policy that covers large amounts of damage. The premiums can be costly, but it is necessary for companies that deal with high levels of risk by being on the roads for hours each day to cover vehicles and drivers with appropriate insurance. 

Attorneys can help after the accident

Miller, Hampton, and Hilgendorf is an experienced firm that helps clients with their truck collision and injury lawsuits in the Baton Rouge area. Anyone who needs assistance can contact the firm for guidance throughout the process of bringing a case and reaching a settlement. 

Firm contact info:

Miller, Hampton, and Hilgendorf

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