As a motorist in Palm Beach, FL, it is likely you share the roadway with all types of vehicles, including those large 18-wheeler trucks. Now, although you should be taking all types of precautionary measures to avoid an accident with any type of vehicle, you need to be especially careful when you are driving next to a large truck. Why? Well, large trucks have certain restrictions and limitations placed on them which makes it more difficult for them to do certain things like turn or stop abruptly. Because of limitations these trucks have, it is essential that drivers avoid the following unsafe driving habits to prevent from engaging in an accident with one.


Top Unsafe Driving Habits


A few years ago, the U.S. Department of Transportation took the time to rank the most unsafe driving acts for car operators to engage in when traveling within a close range to a truck [Source: Nationwide]. These unsafe driving habits include:


  1. Driving while distracted. Whether you are distracted by your cell phone, your children in the back seat, or you are simply trying to multitask while behind the wheel, all of these actions should be avoided as they increase the chances of a collision occurring. The fact is, it can be difficult to see the traffic traveling in front of an 18-wheeler truck which means you need to be paying attention to their brake lights so you have ample time to stop before rear-ending the vehicle. By looking down at your phone or diverting your attention to other things aside from the road, you risk not seeing the brake lights flash on and reduce your stopping time.
  2. Improperly merging into traffic. This could cause a truck to maneuver or brake quickly which could lead to the truck crashing into another vehicle as they take longer to stop or losing control and causing a serious crash.
  3. Failing to stop at a light or stop sign. When a driver fails to stop at either one of these, it puts a truck driver in a dangerous position as they aren’t able to stop as fast as a passenger vehicle can which increases the likelihood of them rear-ending the vehicle that chose to turn when they had the right of way to travel.
  4. Failure to slow down in a construction zone. Work trucks and other large vehicles are constantly traveling in and out of construction zones which means you should only be traveling at the speed zone listed or slower.
  5. Driving at unsafe speeds.
  6. Following a truck too closely.
  7. Failure to slow down when inclement weather is present. Driving fast when it is raining or wet outside always adds risk to your trip.
  8. Changing lanes too abruptly in front of a truck.
  9. Driving in a truck’s “no zones.” These “no zones” are as follows: directly in front of the truck, on the left and right sides, and directly behind the truck. Like all other vehicles, truckers also have blind spots and the areas mentioned are the main ones where truckers have the most difficulty seeing other cars traveling around them.
  10. Making unsafe turns, primarily turning with insufficient headway.


It is important that drivers not only exert caution when traveling nearby to large trucks but also show some consideration to these drivers as they are responsible for maneuvering a heavy vehicle, which isn’t exactly always easy to do. While truckers are sometimes to blame for the accidents they engage in, the truth is, drivers of passenger vehicles are responsible for contributing to 70% of the accidents that occur, according to Nationwide.

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