If you are new to the Uber or Lyft industry and recently began working for either rideshare company, you may be learning a lot more about the roadway than you ever imagined. For instance, while you may have been aware of the distracted driving issue that currently exists, you may not have known to what extent it really goes. However, with you spending a good portion of your day behind the wheel of your vehicle, you are now exposed to different things you might not exactly be prepared for. Take for instance traveling around large trucks.

Although it is obvious that you share the road with these vehicles when driving for personal reasons, you may be the type that moves a lane over just to get away from them. However, now that you are actively behind the wheel for hours at a time, instead of trying to dodge them and swerve in and out of lanes, consider implementing the following tips that promote safety and help prevent an accident from occurring.


  1. Never cut in front of a large truck. Did you know that some trucks weigh as much as 80,000 pounds? With these vehicles carrying so much weight because of their size and cargo load, they take much longer to stop than a passenger vehicle car. So, regardless of whether your passenger is in a rush to get somewhere or you are about to miss your exit, never put your life or those around you at risk by cutting in front of a large truck.


  1. Avoid traveling in a truck’s no-zone areas. Trucks have major blind spots which are often referred to as their “no-zones.” The reason their blind spots are called no-zone areas is because they shouldn’t be driven in. These no-zones include directly in front and behind the truck as well as on the sides closer to the cab. Basically, it isn’t smart to linger in any one area around a truck as the chances of them seeing you are rather slim. And because you are now responsible for transporting passengers, you have more to people to consider when out driving than just yourself.


  1. Avoid turning directly next to a truck. When a large truck is turning, whether it is to the right or the left, and there are two turning lanes, avoid staying directly next to the vehicle as it turns. The fact is, trucks need much more room than you do to properly make their turn and if you get stuck on the side as they use the room they need, you risk getting “squeezed” next to them and the curb which puts you and your passenger in a very uncomfortable position.


  1. Hold tight of your steering wheel when a truck passes you by. Large trucks, especially those that are hauling two trailers, produce a large amount of wind, especially when inclement weather is present. Therefore, it is important that you have a tight grip on your wheel when a large truck passes and the roadways are slippery as they could potentially cause a gust of wind to push against your car. And the last thing you need is to run your vehicle off the road because the wind from the truck pushed your vehicle and you didn’t have a firm grip on your steering wheel.


[Source: Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure Online].


What should I do if I was involved in a truck collision in Knoxville while operating my vehicle as an Uber or Lyft driver?


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