Each year, the trucking industry experiences hundreds and thousands of accidents that not only cost companies millions of dollars in losses, but also result in many lives being taken. Because the industry relies on truckers and is already experiencing a shortage of them, now is the time when employers need to be certain they have an effective trucking safety plan in place. Chron.com highlights some key components that should be included in this plan, some of which you may already be implementing in your workplace. However, if you are looking for some suggestions, below we share a few the source has to offer that may benefit you should you feel the need to modify your existing plan.


  1. Safety Orientation

A safety orientation should be included in your trucking safety plan as it is important to review certain precautions that should be taken by both newly hired and even experienced drivers. Some things you might consider reviewing include:


  • Road safety
  • Defensive driving techniques
  • How to prevent accidents
  • Preventive maintenance that should be done on each vehicle
  • Ways to avoid distractions
  • Maintaining the proper rest


The source not only recommends that you have all new drivers participate and complete the program before they begin driving, but also have veteran truckers complete it each year as you may be offering new information for them as rules and regulations change.


  1. Hazardous Weather


Truck drivers are often required to operate their vehicles through all types of weather which can make their job much more difficult to get done. That is why you might consider sharing some tips for how truckers can stay safe when driving through inclement weather. Some things you may want to review in your safety plan pertaining to hazardous weather include:


  • Techniques for handling skids.
  • Maintaining a safe distance in bad weather.
  • Handling high winds, rain, and flooding on the road.


  1. Preventative Maintenance


As an employer, it is suggested that you reiterate to your drivers the importance of them inspecting their vehicles prior to driving. Not only can this help them identify any problem areas on their vehicles, but also prevent an accident from occurring. Some common areas that should be inspected regularly to prevent serious issues from developing include:


  • The tires. Trucker should check to be sure their vehicle’s tires aren’t worn down to the point where they could blow out and cause a wreck.
  • Fluid levels and mirrors
  • Brakes


  1. Drugs and Alcohol


Although truck drivers are well aware of the fact they aren’t permitted to use drugs or consume alcohol while driving, it should still be included in your safety plan. The fact is, truckers need to be aware of the consequences they are up against should they choose to do either as well as the dangers associated with getting behind the wheel intoxicated.


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