Smoke Bend, LA – Both the federal government and the state of Louisiana regulate trucks for safety purposes. Many of these regulations are related to the maximum hours a driver can work in a day, the dimensions and weight of the vehicle, and qualifications before a driver can receive their commercial license. Even with strict regulations and safety precautions, truck accidents are still responsible for a number of serious injuries and deaths in the state each year.  

Weight regulations

Louisiana has special rules related to how much weight and pressure can be placed on a tire. This is done to help prevent flats and blowouts while driving. The state’s max legal weight on each tire is 650 pounds per inch of tire width. The maximum gross weight is between 80,000 and 88,000 pounds depending on whether the vehicle will be using state roads or interstate highways.   

Bridge formula

The state complies with and enforces a federal standard known as the bridge formula. This is a rule based on a mathematical formula that helps keep highways and bridge crossings safe by limiting the weight of trucks and maintaining proper space between axles. Vehicles that do not comply with this rule are much more likely to compromise the structural integrity of bridges and other crossings. 

In addition to these measures, some bridges have been marked by the state government with either advisory weight signs or regulatory weight limits. Drivers who violate these weight limits can be fined. 

Tunnel safety regulations

Louisiana has three tunnels for vehicular traffic. These are located in Houma, Harvey, and Belle Chasse. Any kind of vehicle transporting hazardous materials is specifically prohibited from entering or passing through any of these tunnels. 

Certificates of insurance

Each business that holds a trucking permit must have a certificate of insurance filed with their local permit office. The amount of coverage must be at least $100,000 per trip or $250,000 per year. This coverage is meant to protect against damage to state property. 

Suing a trucking company

When a truck driver causes property damage and injuries to others, they may be sued regardless of whether they were in compliance with these rules or not. Any rule violations or poor driving behaviors can potentially be used against the driver and their employer as evidence of negligence. A victim may possibly receive damages through a civil injury lawsuit to be compensated for their medical treatment, lost wages, and other problems.

Getting legal assistance in Louisiana

Attorneys who represent clients in Smoke Bend are available to discuss lawsuits and other important matters after a truck collision. Miller, Hampton, and Hilgendorf is a firm that focuses on all aspects of lawsuits related to motor vehicle accidents. 

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Miller, Hampton, and Hilgendorf

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