Although large trucks appear to well-grounded as their weight should be enough to keep them sturdy and stable, the fact is, large trucks actually have a high potential of rolling over. There are a number of reasons why these vehicles tip and roll, although there are some that seem to be factors in rollover accidents more often than others. Below we highlight what some of these reasons are based on information provided by the U.S. National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health.


  • In nearly half of the 239 crashes that were analyzed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, the NCBI reported that the following were the top causes of rollover accidents:


  1. Drivers failed to adjust their speed to curves in the road, more often on on-and-off ramps.
  2. The load they carried contributed to the vehicle rolling over. This could be a load that was unsecured and shifting around or one that was unevenly distributed.
  3. The condition of the brakes. When the brakes need to be replaced or are poorly maintained, they no longer function properly which means they might fail to work when a driver relies on them.
  4. Roadway surfaces. Rough and broken roadway surfaces make for a difficult drive and can sometimes contribute to causing a vehicle to lose control or shift into another lane. This could cause a trucker to swerve which ultimately increases the chances of their truck rolling over.


  • The fifth major factor that contributed to causing rollover accidents involved the driver being inattentive, dozing off or falling asleep, and distractions. All of these factors led to a trucker making a sudden change in direction which led to the vehicle flipping.
  • The sixth factor that contributed to causing rollover collisions involved steering. The driver may have been “over-steering to the point of rolling over, not steering enough to stay in lane, and overcorrecting to the point of having to counter-steer to remain on the road.”


Rollover accidents are preventable but only if the truck driver takes the time to assess his/her driving to ensure they aren’t engaging in any risky behavior.  Aside from that, truckers along with the company that is responsible for overseeing the operations of the truck need to take the time to assess the condition of the vehicle along with the load that is being transported to ensure it is safe to be taken out on the roadway.


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