Many of the individuals who are involved in a collision with a large truck often suffer from serious injuries that require them to undergo surgery and even therapy. In fact, some injuries are sosevere that they also force a victim to modify their lifestyle as the injury they sustained left one or more parts of their body permanently damaged. While the types of injuries vary from victim to victim, one of the more common ones that many are left suffering with are broken legs. “All three leg bones can break during a motor vehicle accident” when “your knees become jammed against the dashboard in the collision” [Mayo Clinic].

If you were recently involved in a truck wreck in Bakersfield, CA and the impact of the crash resulted in one or more leg bones being broken, it is likely you are feeling the pain and frustration this type of injury usually carries with it. You may also be experiencing some of the complications that can arise after suffering a broken leg. According to the Mayo Clinic, some of these complications might include:


  • Knee or ankle pain. After suffering a broken leg, you might experience pain in your knee or ankle. Not only is this uncomfortable, but it can also affect your ability to carry out your day to day tasks you were once able to do.
  • Poor or delayed healing. If your leg fracture was severe, it “may not heal quickly or completely.” This generally happens “in an open fracture of your tibia because of lower blood flow to this bone.”
  • Bone infection, also referred to as osteomyelitis. In the event you have an open fracture, “your bone may be exposed to fungi and bacteria that can cause infection.”
  • Nerve or blood vessel damage. When you fracture a bone in your leg, it can result in you suffering an injury to the “adjacent nerves and blood vessels”. The Mayo Clinic recommends that you seek immediate medical attention right away if you notice any numbness or circulation problems.
  • Compartment syndrome. This is a “neuromuscular condition [that] causes pain, swelling and sometimes disability in muscles near the broken bone.” The source says that this is “a rare complication that is more common with high-impact injuries, such as a car or motorcycle accident.”
  • Arthritis. If your fracture extends into the joint and affects your bone alignment, it can cause you to develop osteoarthritis years later. If you find that “your leg starts to hurt long after a break,” you will want to meet with your physician so that he/she can evaluate your condition.
  • Unequal leg length. If it was your child who suffered a broken leg, their legs might grow and become unequal in length. The reason being is that “the long bones of a child grow from the ends of the bones, in softer areas called growth plates. If a fracture goes through a growth plate, that limb might eventually become shorter or longer than the opposite limb.”



Why should I consider speaking with a truck accident attorney after suffering a broken bone in a truck collision?


truck accident attorneys in Bakersfield, CA

You should consider consulting with a CA truck accident lawyer as they can help you decide whether you should pursue legal action in an attempt to recover compensation for the damages you suffered.

Given the complications a broken leg carries with it along with the many ways in which this injury has impacted your life, it is essential that you consult with a Bakersfield, CA truck accident lawyer as soon as possible. The fact is, between the medical care and surgeries you had rendered coupled with the negative effects the injury has had on your life, all of this entitles you to compensation. How much compensation? Well, the answer to that question varies as it depends on many different things. That is precisely why you need to speak with a truck crash lawyer in your area as soon as possible.


You see, truck accident cases are all worth different amounts so to find out what yours is worth, you will need to meet with a lawyer who can assess the details of the incident and the injury so that they can determine how much you are entitled to collect. If you are interested in receiving an estimate, contact now to get connected with a local truck accident attorney in the Bakersfield, CA area who can provide you with the information you are seeking.