Baton Rouge, LASemi trucks are prone to accidents because of a number of different issues that seem to occur with regularity on the state’s roads. If the vehicle causes an accident, the results can be thousands or millions of dollars worth of damage to cargo, the vehicles involved, property nearby, and bodily injuries to drivers and passengers. 

Tire problems

Once a tire has an air leak or damage to its surface, this starts to become extremely dangerous. The area where the vehicle makes contact with the road surface is only protected by the tire, and a driver can easily lose control if a tire loses all of its air or gets torn while moving at high speeds. Improper inflation and axis issues are some of the most likely culprits of truck accidents due to tire failure. 

Brake problems

Accident data has shown that close to one third of all truck collisions are caused by various brake issues. There are drums and disc brakes that experience constant wear and tear from heat and friction generated from stopping a very large vehicle at various speeds. Constant maintenance is needed to keep brakes in good condition, and this is unfortunately not available on all long distance trips.  

Driver fatigue and errors

Both the federal government and the state of Louisiana have laws related to the number of hours drivers can work in a given, plus other related regulations regarding rest and break times. Drivers and trucking companies can be sanctioned in various ways, and a truck may even lose their commercial license for repeat violations. However, not all fatigued drivers are able to get help or stop to rest before an accident happens and causes serious damage.  

Preventive measures

Most legitimate trucking businesses do take some kind of precautions to prevent collisions and analyze data after problems happen. This can include various forms of preventive maintenance and routines to ensure that vehicles are in proper working condition. Inspections are supposed to happen before, during, and after a delivery concludes. Data from maintenance logs is also collected for analysis so that trips can be made safer and more efficient. These measures will ultimately save costs for a business in the long run if they can avoid lawsuits, insurance increases, and lost cargo. This is especially true for businesses with large fleets of vehicles, as the costs of an average truck accident is approximately between one hundred thousand and one million dollars.

Truck crash attorneys 

A victim of a truck collision in Baton Rouge can retain an attorney and attempt to recover compensation for their injuries. Miller, Hampton, and Hilgendorf are experienced lawyers who deal with various personal injury issues for local clients in Louisiana. 

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