The Department of Transportation has put forth a certain set of rules designed specifically for truck drivers. The reason why truck drivers are required to follow more serious rules when on the road is because of how much damage they have the potential of causing. Naturally, since the risk of people facing serious injuries and a serious accident occurring are much higher for truck drivers as opposed to car drivers, it only makes sense that they are required to follow stricter guidelines to help ensure the road remains as safe as possible.

Out of all the rules which have been placed, there are some rules which need to be taken more seriously because most accidents occur due to these rules being neglected by the truck driver.

The first rule which should always be followed is the hours of service rulings. The hours of service rulings mandate that truck drivers are not allowed to drive for more than 14 hours a day and of these 14 hours only 11 are allowed o be consecutive. The reason why this trucking law is in place is in order to prevent drivers from getting fatigued. Truck driver fatigue is actually very common and is a leading cause of truck accidents.

It may seem completely irrational for a truck driver to want to put themselves in such a dangerous situation as driving on a busy road while they are sleepy, but many drivers end up doing this for a variety of reasons, including:

  • They want to increase how much they are paid as they are generally paid per hour
  • They want to get the job over with as soon as possible so they can go home and rest
  • They were pressurized by the trucking company to get the load delivered quickly, at all costs

Under no circumstances is it okay for a truck driver to be driving when they are fatigued. If they are tired, they should pull over and rest until they can think clearly enough to be driving again.

Other trucking rules which are often violated include the weight and size dimensions of trucks. In general, trucks are not allowed to weigh more than 80,000 pounds. These laws and regulations have been decided by governing bodies to ensure the safety of the driver and everyone who shares the road with them.

Should I call a legal representative?

If a person was caught breaking the law and driving while they were fatigued, they should call a truck accident lawyer in Orange County, California to help represent themselves in court. If the driver was only on the job because they were pressurized by their company then their company can be held liable, especially if an accident occurred due to their lack of concern and negligent behavior. A lawyer can also help a person collect the required pieces of evidence in order to convince the judge and jury that they were not entirely at fault for breaking the rules.