West Virginia—Commercial truck drivers are required to meet certain standards and follow various safety regulations. These standards and safety regulations are designed for many different reasons including to help keep the roadways safe. Unfortunately, not all commercial truckers and/or companies are abiding by the rules and regulations their state and the government has set for them to follow.

According to the most recent report provided by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), the following driver violations are the most commonly recorded during roadside inspections involving large trucks:


  1. Speeding between six and 10 miles per hour over the posted speed limit. Approximately 25,841 drivers have been cited so far in 2021 for driving beyond the permitted speed limit in the U.S.1 Of those, 552 drivers were cited in West Virginia alone.


  1. Failure to obey traffic control devices. According to FMCSA data, 24,347 truck drivers were cited so far in 2021 for failing to obey traffic control devices. Running a red light is one example of this type of violation.


  1. Operating a Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) without a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). In order to operate a large truck, drivers are required to obtain their CDL first. This helps to ensure they have undergone some of the required training to safely operate a CMV. Unfortunately, the FMCSA reported that 15,687 truck drivers were cited so far in 2021 for their failure to acquire the proper license needed to drive a CMV.


  1. No record of duty status. According to FMCSA data, 14,158 truck drivers were cited so far in 2021 during roadside inspections for their lack of ELD tracking when the devices are required. ELDs, or electronic logging devices, track how long a trucker has been operating their vehicle during each shift. ELDs are now required in most commercial trucks to ensure drivers are not operating their vehicles for periods longer than what the FMCSA permits.


Unfortunately, the data reveals many truckers across the U.S. are not abiding by this one safety regulation which means they could potentially be operating their vehicle while fatigued.


  1. Speeding between 11 and 14 miles per hour over the speed limit. Truck drivers are expected to operate their vehicles at a speed that is considered legal and safe for roadway and weather conditions. Just a few miles over the permitted speed limit decreases a trucker’s ability to stop in time to avoid an accident.


While truckers are taught during their training how dangerous it is to speed, many still choose to engage in this type of careless behavior. FMCSA data shows that so far in 2021, 12,624 truckers were cited for speeding between 11 and 14 miles above the speed limit.

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  1. https://ai.fmcsa.dot.gov/SafetyProgram/spViolation.aspx?rpt=RDDV
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