What are Some Common Truck Accident Injuries and How Long do They Take to Recover From?

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Many of the truck accidents that transpire on our roadways are severe and even fatal. Those who are involved in these types of accident and are lucky enough to survive often walk away with multiple injuries that are severe and even life-threatening. Now, although the injuries vary from victim to victim, there are some common ones that individuals sustain which we are highlighting below [Source: Aurora Health Care]. For your convenience, we are also looking at the potential recovery time it might take for a victim’s injury to heal, although it might vary depending on the degree of the injury itself, your age, and even your health.


  1. Head and Brain Injuries. According to Ofer M. Zikel, MD, who is a neurosurgeon at Aurora Medical Center in Summit, WI, “drivers and passengers are susceptible to head injuries due to hitting a windshield, side window, roof, steering wheel, loose objects or other people.” One type of head injury, which is more a mild one, is a concussion and a victim may notice that the symptoms associated with this type of injury might begin fading within two to three weeks. However, if the head injury is a more severe traumatic brain injury (TBI), the recovery timeframe will likely be much longer. Now, when the TBI is so severe, the victim may never fully recover. But, in order to get a more accurate timeframe for how long it will take you to recover if you suffered a TBI, you will want to have your physician assess it.


  1. Facial Injuries. Many wrecks often result in a victim hitting their face against one or more parts of the vehicle which can result in them suffering from a facial injury. If your face only sustained a few scrapes and bruises, Dr. Zikel says it will likely only take you a few days to recover. However, if the injuries were more serious and you are required to undergo surgery, then it could take weeks or even months before they heal.


  1. Back and Spinal Cord Injuries. These types of injuries are some of the worst and a person generally sustains a back or spinal cord injury “as the car rapidly shifts positions under [them], [causing] the small discs along [their] spine [to twist] or [push] out of alignment.” This can also result in their back bones becoming fractured. The projected timeframe for recovery that Dr. Zikel offers for a back or spinal cord injury that requires surgery is about three to four months. However, if you find that your physical functions aren’t restored within the first year, “they will likely not return.”


  1. Lower Extremity Injuries. Injuries sustained on the leg, knee, or foot, have different recovery times and these depend on the degree of the injury. For instance, if you suffered a broken leg, it may take you six to eight weeks before you heal and then you also have to factor in therapy.


  1. Psychological Injuries. Not only can a truck collision result in an individual suffering from physical injuries but also psychological ones too. The fact is, the traumatic event could “cause mental health issues such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, and [even] depression.” Now, there is no set time for recovery from psychological injuries as everyone heals from these injuries at their own pace.


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