All motor vehicle drivers, passengers and pedestrians should know what actions to take if they are involved in a car accident that results in injury and/or property damage in Georgia.  Automobile accident injuries usually result from the negligence of one driver, multiple drivers, or external conditions that cause the driver to react in a manner causing an accident. An experienced attorney may help accident victims file an insurance claim, or initiate legal action when warranted.

Accident reporting.

Drivers are required to report accidents in Georgia when:

  • Injury or death occurs,
  • There is property damage over $500 – report the accident to police because it is difficult to assess property damage and $500 is a low limit where even a minor looking scratch could exceed repair amounts,
  • Dealing with an uncooperative driver who will not give  pertinent insurance information – it is prudent to have a highway patrol officer obtain official reports from each involved party as well as witnesses to an accident,
  • Driver disputes occur and versions are very different as to the cause of an accident – the importance of police personnel regarding an independent report about how the accident occurred may help with insurance  negotiations,
  • An uninsured driver is involved in an accident – a police officer can verify that a driver was uninsured. The report will support a claim on an uninsured, or underinsured insurance policy with an accident victim’s own company.

When the officer is providing an individual with a police report, they should make note of their name, badge number, phone number and police report number.


Georgia law requires all drivers to carry insurance on their motor vehicles and follows a “modified comparative negligence” rule when both parties are found to share blame for an accident, based on the 50% rule where a victim cannot recover compensation if they are 50% or more at fault from the accident. A claim must be filed within two years from the date of the accident in most cases, but guidance from a Georgia lawyer is recommended, as there may be time extensions based on multiple factors.

Damages & legal counsel.

An accident attorney can assess compensatory damages to address economic losses from lost wages, medical bills, and property damage; as well as non-economic losses including pain and suffering.  Punitive damages may result from situations where there was gross negligence involved, causing the accident.  If you are involved in a car accident in Milton Georgia, contact the professional experienced team at the Imbriale Injury Law Office who will guide you through the insurance settlement and litigation process.


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