Many truck accidents injure workers while they are on the job. Some dangerous occupations that routinely result in truck crashes include garbage collection, construction, fuel transportation, and fire fighting.

A fire truck crash on a rural road in Tulare County California resulted in four fire fighters being injured.

Fire engine flips over on rural road

Investigators from local police forces believe the driver of the fire engine lost control near the small towns of Ducor and Porterville in Tulare County. The vehicle appeared to have flipped multiple times after the driver made an error. The scene of the accident was at Avenue 56, where it is believed the incident happened at around 8:30 am. As the driver approached an intersection with Road 240, he began to veer off to the shoulder, then moved to quickly in the other direction causing the truck to flip. The fire engine eventually came to a rest on its roof. Video of the accident scene showed the roof of the front cab crushed inward and debris all over the roads nearby.

The only serious injuries after the crash were sustained by the driver, who required transportation to a nearby hospital in Visalia. Three other firefighters onboard were hurt but only suffered minor injuries. Witnesses on the scene from the California Highway Patrol and CAL Fire stated that accidents are difficult when they happen out in rural areas because the response times tend to be longer. The highway patrol does not believe the driver was speeding, but they also noted that no obstacles appeared to be on the roadway to cause the accident. The truck involved in the accident belonged to a group of firefighters from San Diego, who were covering the area while local firefighters were away dealing with a wildfire.

Lawsuits against the department

Even though this was a single vehicle accident, there may be parties who can be held responsible in a civil lawsuit. The most common course of action is to file a case against their employer, as they can be liable for injuries that occur to their employees. They may be able to file claims related to worker’s compensation or lawsuits against the government entity that employed them for negligent managerial decisions. A further investigation may reveal additional problems.

Improper vehicle manufacture or maintenance

There may also have been issues with the fire truck itself that contributed to the accident in addition to human error. Even if these mechanical problems were only a partial cause of the crash, it is still possible to file a lawsuit. The injured firefighters and their attorneys can look into issues with the manufacture of the truck as well as any potential maintenance issues that should have been reported and kept the truck off of the roads until it was in a safe condition.

Talk to a truck accident attorney in Tulare California

If you have been injured in any kind of accident involving a truck in Tulare County or other parts of California, there are local attorneys available to speak with you. They can give advice based on the specific facts surrounding your accident.