Truck accidents can be extremely dangerous, deadly and damaging. Their size and the difficulty in maneuvering make for a scary combination. Sometimes though, truck accidents can be pretty funny, especially when something silly spills out of the trailer. It might not seem so funny at the time for the drivers who are trying to get to work on time and are help up by spilled eels, but after the fact, they probably laughed. According to the Oregonion, here are the strangest highway spills in recent memory.  

Little Debbie Cakes

Little Debbie Cakes are a small slice of chocolate and filling heaven. That’s why there may have been rejoicing in the streets when 2000 cases of it spilled onto Oregon 217 in 2009. Unfortunately, no one had the fortune of getting a tasty treat from the spill, as the entire load was sent to landfill for sanitary reasons.


Milk does a body good, but apparently, it doesn’t do much for roadways. 100 gallons of it spilled onto Oregon 201 in 2012 after the driver ran a stop sign. Cats from all around came just to see what the fuss was about.


This one would probably be a bit frightening. In 2016, a truck carrying honey bees broke down. As workers were removing the hive to get the bees out of the heat, one tipped over, releasing the bees into the wild and into some workers’ nightmares.

Baby Salmon

In January of 2015, 10,000 baby salmon were released from the captivity of the tanker in which they traveled. Unfortunately, they ended up on Oregon 126 and didn’t live to get to their destination, which was to be released at sea.


These weren’t spills, but they were pretty bananas. In 2016, two separate trucks carrying fruit caught fire. In one case, the cargo of bananas was saved before the truck was engulfed in flames. In the other, an entire load of tropical fruit was roasted right on the road.


Over 5,000 chickens ended up at a Honda dealership when the truck that was hauling them overturned. Cars that were meant to be sold ended up with chickens all over them. The cleanup took hours, but the cars were eventually ready for sale again.


In 2016, an entire trailer full of pineapples caught fire, creating an impromptu massive roasted pineapple snack. There were no pigs nearby to pair it with, though. In the end, the damage was estimated at approximately $60,0000.

When it comes to trucks, accidents can happen in a myriad of ways. In these cases, no one was hurt, but spilled loads can easily hurt and kill other motorists and pedestrians. If you’re injured in an accident in Portland, make sure to contact a truck accident attorney. They will fight on your behalf, and make sure that your rights are protected throughout the process. Call on as soon as possible for a consultation.