Rain, snow, and fog can create hazardous road conditions and lead to an accident.

Philadelphia, PA- A number of things can cause a truck accident: Driver error and mechanical failure are top two causes, but inclement weather is another often overlooked cause. The Federal Highway Administration estimates that roughly 22 percent of traffic accidents each year are weather-related. Victims of truck accidents caused by inclement weather often wonder how it will affect liability for their crash.

Inclement weather can lead to a swift decline in the conditions of a road and set the stage for a catastrophic truck crash. All types of precipitation, whether it is rain, snow, and sleet, will make the roads slick which in turn can make it difficult for a commercial truck to stop in an emergency situation. Rain, snow, sleet and fog can reduce visibility, making it difficult for motorists to see the changes in traffic patterns.

Truck drivers who don’t adjust their driving to bad weather can be considered negligent.

Truck drivers have the best training of any drivers on the road, but even they can have trouble avoiding a crash in inclement weather, especially if they fail to adjust their driving to the conditions of the road. A truck driver who is in a hurry may put safety second even as driving conditions to deteriorate. The following are some examples of the common mistakes truck drivers make when the weather is bad:

Driving too fast on wet, icy or snowy roads.

Speeding when visibility is low because of fog, torrential rain or white-out snow.

Following too closely and not giving enough room to stop in adverse conditions.

Failing to use headlights in rain, fog or snow.

Truck drivers cannot control the weather obviously, but they do have a responsibility to take road conditions into consideration when they are traveling roads and interstates. A truck driver has a responsibility to be vigilant and make their safety and the safety of other their priority and most do, but some don’t. Even if inclement weather was a factor in a crash, a truck driver might also be liable if they were driving recklessly.

Truck accidents are complicated, so you need someone on your side who understands the process of recovering compensation.

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