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A trucking company may be liable for your truck accident if they don’t maintain their vehicles and ensure their drivers have adequate training.

Tampa, FL- The safety of a motorists and truck drivers should be a trucking company’s top priority, but that isn’t always the reality. The fact that there are thousands of commercial trucking accidents every year in the U.S. shows that safety too often takes a backseat to a transport company’s profits. Therefore, a trucker can be involved in a deadly or injurious accident, and the victims must figure out if a trucking company is liable for their crash and the resulting economic damages.

Who is Responsible for My Commercial Truck Accident?

Before you can recover compensation for a truck accident, you must figure out which party or parties are liable for your truck crash. To do that, you should arrange a case evaluation with one of the truck accident lawyers at We connect trucking accident victims with knowledgeable and skilled lawyers nearby who can help them pinpoint the cause of their crash and establish if a trucking company is liable.

Is a Truck Driver an Independent Contractor?

Truck drivers have the choice to work for transport company or be their own boss. According to the Owner-Operators Independent Driver’s Association, 350,000 truck drivers in the U.S. are independent contractors. That means they don’t work for a trucking company and are therefore wholly liable for any injuries or property damage resulting from their negligence.

Democratic lawmakers introduced legislation that would require truck drivers undergo sleep apnea testing.

When is a Trucking Company Liable for My Tampa Truck Wreck?

If you have established that a trucker is not an independent contractor, your truck accident attorney will investigate a trucking company to see if they should take responsibility for your injuries or the death of a loved one. Below, will discuss four ways a trucking company may be liable for a commercial trucking accident:

  1. Encouraging drivers to violate hours-of-service rules- Fatigue contributes to many commercial trucking accidents, so truck drivers are limited in how many hours they can spend on the road in a 24-hour period. Sometimes trucking companies encourage their drivers to violate hours-of-service rules so that they can get cargo to a destination sooner.
  2. Failing to maintain a commercial truck or provide safety equipment- Mechanical failure is a leading cause of large truck accidents because too many trucking companies refuse to conduct routine maintenance on their vehicles or ensure their vehicles outfitted with safety equipment such as reflectors and undercarriage lights.
  3. Failing to ensure drivers have appropriate training- Some trucking companies are willing to cut corners and hire drivers without adequate training. Far too many drivers are put on the road despite not being trained in proper driving techniques, safety procedures, and defensive driving skills.
  4. Not conducting a background check to look for DUI or drug charges- There are unscrupulous truck drivers with a history of drunken and drugged driving put on the road by transport businesses because they didn’t bother to conduct a thorough background check.

Speak with a Truck Accident Lawyer in Tampa

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