According to statistics released by the NHTSA, there were 3,964 fatalities involving large trucks in 2013 in the nation. Of this, 71 percent were occupants of other vehicles, 17 percent were occupants of large trucks, and 11 percent were non-occupants.

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This does not paint a rosy picture for the truck driving community. Yes, they may drive millions and millions of miles every year but how many families had to be destroyed for that? We need trucks. There is no doubt about that! We need food and goods delivered. But do we need human truck drivers? That is the question society will be grappling with in a decade or even less.

Truck accidents are subject to an exclusive set of trucking laws which not only vary from state to state, but are also very vast and convoluted. Furthermore, trucking operations are also subjected to federal trucking laws which are put in place by the FMSCA.

Federal regulations require that any truck accident must be investigated by a truck accident lawyer and a report be compiled. If you have been hurt in a negligently caused trucking accident, we highly recommend that you seek legal counsel.

Your legal rep will also initiate a separate investigation in order to discover evidence pointing to what or who may have caused the truck accident which is key to winning your truck accident case. As explained by tremendous truck accident lawyers in Norwalk, CT who can be found on a site that no insurance company will ever mention which is, here are some techniques they use to uncover what could have been the cause of the accident.

Contact government agencies

As mentioned, a certified truck accident investigator will, by law, have to investigate and compile a report on the accident and this inspector will usually be a member of the reconstruction division of the state police.

If a large truck hits you it is not going to feel good. Be careful out there!

Your attorney will contact the state police or whoever the concerned authority is in order to acquire this report. The report will of course have all details of the auto accident and the findings of the investigator. This information will in majority of cases suffice and help determine what caused the truck accident.

Data from recording devices

Commercial trucks/rigs these days are required like airplanes to be fitted with a blackbox. The blackbox basically is a device which records all of the inputs, settings and performance parameters in real time. This data can show if any mechanical failure occurred, if the driver was speeding, or if any other errors were made in the operation of the truck.

Your legal counselor will write to the trucking company and ask them to preserve this data and all other relevant documentation/data pertaining to the accident and the trucking company is legally obligated to oblige.

Common causes

As per 2013 statistics from the NHTSA, as compared to drivers of other vehicle types, large truck drivers had the highest percentage (15%) of previously recorded crashes. 2% of truck drivers involved in fatal crashes registered a BAC or blood alcohol concentration of 0.8% or higher.

A supreme legal talent will in most cases be able to accurately determine the cause of the accident upon hearing the facts and details of the accident itself because they are they familiar with some of the most common causes for truck accidents.

Some of the most common truck accident causes are things such as:

  • Driver error
  • Over loading
  • Improper loading
  • Impaired driving
  • Fatigued driving
  • Mechanical failure
  • Service/maintenance related issue
  • Tire blowouts

If you have suffered losses in a trucking accident and wish to seek compensation, talk to a truck accident lawyer in Connecticut as soon as possible and get all the legal help you need to file a personal injury lawsuit, and potentially win the compensation that you rightfully deserve.