Pretty Woman Truck Driver On Cell PhoneSeattle, WA- Motorists and truck drivers know it’s dangerous to drive and use their cell phones but often ignore the risk with fatal consequences. Such is the case of a Washington State truck driver who is now facing a reckless homicide charge after he caused five-car pile-up that left one woman dead.

Police in Kentucky have charged 22-year-old Miroslav Kuzmanovic of Lakewood, Washington, with reckless homicide, four counts of wanton endangerment and using a communication device, a violation of federal trucking regulations.

According to reports, the accident occurred Tuesday, May 13th, around 2:00 p.m. in the westbound lanes of Interstate 64 in Kentucky near Shelbyville.

WLKY reports that five vehicles had slowed for a disabled vehicle, but Kuzmanovic didn’t notice and violently rear-ended and passenger car. The car driven by a 71-year-old woman from Louisville, then burst into flames, killing the driver.

The initial crash set of a chain-reaction collision that involved three other vehicles. The first car that was hit ran into a pickup truck which then collided with a third vehicle. The third vehicle then hit a fourth vehicle.

Three accident victims were treated at the scene and released. Kuzmanovic and two other victims were taken to local hospitals for treatment.

The accident closed the westbound lanes of 1-64 for several hours as police investigated the collision and crews cleaned up the scene.

After being released from the hospital, Kuzmanovic was taken to a local jail where he was being held without bond.

Federal regulations forbid truck drivers from texting behind the wheel and violating this regulation can be costly. Drivers face fines up to $2,750 and potential criminal charges if they use they are caught texting. But the legal consequences don’t end there. If a truck driver causes a distracted driving accident, they could face a personal injury or wrongful death suit.

Nine people die in distracted driving crashes every day in the U.S. And, yet, despite the deadly consequences, many motorists are not paying attention to the road in front of them. Considering the size and weight of a tractor-trailer, a distracted truck driver can easily cause an accident that leads to death or serious injury. Whether a major truck collision is caused by a distracted, fatigued driver or the cause of a mechanical problem, the victims are urged to contact a Seattle truck accident attorney to discuss how they can get compensation for their medical expenses, funeral costs and property repair costs.

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