An unfortunate accident took place near Stronghold in Washington D.C. back at the beginning of June that claimed the lives of two innocent individuals. identified these two people as Mattie Young, 79, of Southeast and Donald Malloy, 81, of Temple Hills. The two had been passing through the intersection of Bryant Street and North Capitol Street, N.E. when their vehicle was struck by another traveling at a high rate of speed. The news source says that the driver of the vehicle that initiated the crash got out of the vehicle and fled the scene on foot.

D.C. Fire and EMS crews arrived shortly after the crash and transported the two occupants of the second vehicle to an area hospital where they were treated for life-threatening injuries. Despite the life-saving efforts that were made, both of the victims succumbed to their injuries. Metropolitan Police Department officers later arrested Kyle Alexander Wooden, 32, of Southeast, and he has been charged with second-degree murder.


District of Columbia’s Hit-and-Run Laws


When a driver in the District of Columbia is involved in a motor vehicle accident, §50-2201.05c. says they are required to stop and:


  1. Call 911 or have someone else call 911 when injuries are evident. If 911 is not called, the driver or another person should call for an ambulance or other emergency assistance. The driver is also required to remain on the scene until law enforcement arrives and provide identifying information to officers and the injured person if possible.
  2. Provide identifying information to the owner or operator of the other vehicle if property damage has occurred. If the owner or operator of the property that was damaged is not present, the driver would then need to contact local law enforcement and provide their identifying information to an officer. An example of this might be when a driver crashes into a parked vehicle or a home and the owner of the property was not present for the accident.


When a driver fails to follow the laws outlined above, he/she puts themselves at risk of being criminally charged, fined, and possibly even jailed.


Were you involved in a hit-and-run accident near Stronghold in the District of Columbia?


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