A young girl was killed in Warren, Michigan when a dump truck ran through a red traffic light

Truck crane falls onto a young girl during a collision

The incident happened at around 10 am at the intersections of 10 Mile Road and Warren Road on a Saturday morning. Police believe that when the truck driver went through the red traffic signal at the intersection, he hit a car from behind. The force of the collision knocked a crane off of the truck and onto the body of the car. A young girl who was sitting in the front passenger seat was hit by this falling crane. The girl’s mother who was driving also needed to be brought to a hospital for treatment, but she was expected to live even though the injuries were serious. The driver of the dump truck was a 60 year old male who was treated for minor injuries. He was in stable condition at the time of the news report.  

Police at the scene said that they may possibly be filing charges, but a full investigation would be conducted before they make that determination. They did not disclose whether any traffic citations were issued to drivers at the scene. 

A social media post from local Mayor Jim Fouts told drivers to avoid the area and explained that a young child had been killed. He also expressed concerns about regulations for trucks carrying large loads and the potential for disaster. His post concluded by saying that his deepest sympathies go out to the family. 

Wrongful death lawsuits and truck accidents

After anyone is killed by a truck or commercial vehicle, their family can get financial help through a wrongful death lawsuit. In this situation, the girl’s mother can file a case to be paid for medical treatment, funeral and burial expenses, and emotional pain and suffering caused by the incident. These cases will generally pay out much larger amounts than insurance claims, because the victim’s future earning potential can be considered as a part of damages. 

The total of losses and damages

In any civil injury lawsuit, the final element of damages is most crucial to the victim because it is related to the total sum of money that they can receive. Your attorney will usually add up the costs of things like property repairs, healthcare, and lost wages. In fatal or serious accidents, this can be a significant sum. Because proving all of these losses can involve a number of different documents and pieces of evidence, it is best to get an estimate of your lawsuit’s value from a licensed attorney

Find out if a lawsuit is necessary from a local lawyer

There are law firms that dedicate their practice to assisting people who have been injured in truck accidents. To speak with a local legal professional in the Warren, Michigan area, use the listings on USAttorneys.com

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