Arlington, VA- A 39 year-old woman was killed Monday afternoon in Arlington after she was struck by a privately-owned dump truck just across the street from an elementary school.

According to police, Jennifer Lawson was parked along North Little Falls Road across from an elementary school, and was placing her young child in the back of her van when she was struck by a passing dump truck, according to the Washington Post. The impact of the crash knocked Lawson, a mother of three, to the ground and tore the door off of the van.

Lawson was originally taken to the hospital in critical condition, but was pronounced dead later in the afternoon.

The driver of the dump truck stayed on the scene and cooperated with authorities and has not been cited for the accident at this time. Lt. Michael Watson, an Arlington County police spokesman, told the Post police have not yet assigned blame.

“From an accident point of view, it was a very simple accident, but it gets complicated when you start trying to figure out speeds and where they were on the roadway,” Watson said.

Watson also said police plan to thoroughly inspect the dump truck to determine if there are any mechanical issues.

Neither the truck driver nor the child in the back seat of the van was injured.

People who live in the neighborhood around the Nottingham Elementary School say that speeding is a major issue, adding that the road is relatively narrow.

“People go too fast in this area and they know there is a school right here,” nearby resident Maria Tarqui told WJLA, local ABC News affiliate.

Police have not determined a cause for this accident nor have they determined if the driver was speeding.

While the cause of this accident may be undetermined, there are many fatal or injurious truck accidents that can be directly attributed to the negligent actions of a truck driver. Speeding, fatigue, distraction and mechanical failure are among the most common causes of truck accidents nationwide.

Speeding in particular can cause more serious accidents such as rear-end collisions, jack-knifing, tipping over and leaving the roadway. These accidents can be dangerous for the truck driver, but can be deadly to a passenger vehicle motorist.

If a motorist is killed or harmed by truck driver, who was speeding, driving while fatigued or distracted or engaging in other careless behaviors, they have the legal right to pursue the negligent driver for compensation.

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