Business owners who rely on deliveries and other services from truck drivers always have to be aware of possible danger from accidents and property damage. There are common types of civil cases which make drivers or their insurance companies pay out for these kinds of mistakes.

A truck accident caused severe damage in Virginia Beach when the driver went into the front of a Millers Neighborhood Market.

Truck damages neighborhood market storefront 

Virginia Beach Police received an emergency call at about 1 pm on a Saturday about a truck that drove into the Millers storefront. Although no injuries were reported, pictures from the scene show the truck mostly into the store, where the front glass panes used to be. The local fire department also responded to the scene to secure and clear the area. No further information about the identity of the driver, traffic citations, or criminal charges was released.

Civil Lawsuits after a truck accident

When a truck collides with other vehicles, pedestrians, property, or anything else that may be in its path, the damage can be severe. Civil negligence lawsuits related to personal injury cases focus on the crucial element of damages to determine how much a victim may be paid. The legal term for the amount of money each plaintiff will try to collect after the incident is also damages.

Proving the driver was at fault

The format of a negligence case requires a plaintiff’s attorney to show a few basic facts to prove the defendant driver was at fault for the accident and other associated problems like medical bills and destroyed property. These are referred to as elements, and they include a duty of care, a breach of that duty, causation, and damages in civil negligence cases.

Proving a duty of care for any accident involving a motor vehicle is simple, as all drivers as expected to obey traffic laws and drive safely while they are on the roads. A breach of this duty is often a fairly straightforward matter when one car collides with another vehicle or structure, as this normally does not happen while someone is driving properly. Causation must show that the driver actually caused the damages that the plaintiff wants to recover. Damages, as previously explained, are mostly a monetary calculation of problems caused by the accident and the driver at fault. This can be economic damages related to monetary losses, as well as non-economic damages related to pain and suffering caused by an accident.

If all four of these elements are met, the jury must decide in favor of the plaintiff after a trial. Some defense lawyers may advise their clients to make a settlement agreement before the trial. This is done in order to save time and money if it seems that the plaintiff will likely be able to prevail in court.

Speak with an attorney to get assistance immediately

If you have been injured or experienced property damage due to the actions of a truck driver in Virginia Beach, contact a local lawyer in your area. The attorneys at Barney Injury Law specialize in helping people who have been injured by truckers and their employers.