Video footage emerged just a day ago showing a traumatic accident that occurred last week in Greenville County, SC involving a semi-truck and a school bus carrying special needs students from Sara Collins Elementary and Washington Center. It was around 3:20 p.m. on Tuesday when Tammy Cummings was driving down the road and witnessed a semi-truck headed straight for her school bus. The trucker apparently lost control of the truck he was driving and swerved off the road. In the video, the truck appeared to be leaning on its side and sliding down the roadway toward the bus. Because Cummings had gone through the necessary training for moments like this, she knew just what to do and began to take action.

Cummings first considered the four students who had been riding on the bus. She said she knew that they were in their seats and were safe in their compartment area. She also noticed that her aide was behind her seat the way she was supposed to be. Cummings then braced for the impact and placed her arms up to protect her face from debris and glass. Luckily, all the passengers on the bus survived. Immediately after the collision, the bus driver was seen calming the students down as you can imagine they were all probably shaken up a bit. One of the students was very upset and Cummings began talking to him to about his phone to distract him from the traumatic accident that he had just been involved in. He showed her some games he had on his phone and began playing them. Thankfully, she was able to calm him down.

After the accident, Cummings told news stations that she “followed training protocol, such as slowing down the bus when she spotted the semi-trailer in the distance, to avoid a deadly disaster.” She told FOX Carolina that as “part of my special needs training, I am a special needs trainer myself, so that kicked in immediately.” Had Cummings not been properly trained or was unable to follow the necessary protocols, this accident could have ended with a much different outcome. Only one student had to be transported to a local hospital just as a precaution and the truck driver was taken to a nearby hospital as he did sustain an injury.

And because the truck also struck pole after colliding with the bus, it knocked out power in nearly 1,000 homes.


Are the parents of these students entitled to file a claim against the truck driver?


Some truck crash victims are entitled to compensation for the pain and suffering they had to endure while others can collect for accrued medical bills.

Although the students survived this accident, they could potentially suffer psychologically from it. And because there is some level of suffering involved, the parents of these children could have a viable personal injury claim on their hands. But, the only way to be sure is to speak with a Columbia, SC truck accident lawyer first who specializes in handling these types of cases.

Now, when a parent has a child who suffered from extensive injuries in an accident, there may be an opportunity to recover a significant amount of compensation for things like medical bills, lost wages if the parent had to take off of work to tend to their child, and even pain and suffering.

So, if you or your child was a victim to a truck collision and you are in need of some legal advice on what you should do at this point in time following the incident, contact and let us help you locate a qualified Columbia, SC truck crash attorney now.