It seems like Vermont state authorities are planning to seal an investigatory report into an auto accident which claimed the lives of five Harwood area teenagers and the toxicology reports of the wrong way driver who killed them from public access, as reported by

The suspect in the case is 36 year old Steven D. Bourgoin who hails from Williston and is obviously a very disturbed person (he should never be free again according to many people). He pleaded not guilty to charges of five counts of felony second degree murder pertaining to a vehicle accident which occurred on the 8th of October last year which claimed the lives of five teenagers who were on their way home from a concert in South Burlington.

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Prosecutors roll back on disclosure of report

The fiery crash occurred on Interstate 89 and the suspect was said to have been driving the wrong way when the vehicle accident occurred. Initially, Chittenden County prosecutors had informed media personnel on Friday that they were working on the truck accident report and it was to be completed and turned over to the state attorney’s office by the end of the week.

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However, later when the court was adjourned that investigators were ordered not to disclose the rather lengthy accident report from the Vermont Department of Motor vehicles. As per Vermont state law, the report pertaining to any traffic accidents in the state are to be made public records. Therefore, several people are questioning the secrecy with this one case.

Someone like Steven D. Bourgoin should not have been allowed to drive at all. His family did not worn anyone about him? Doctors can only do so much for people who were hit by someone who was basically psychotic.

As per the police report, the teens died almost instantly after the truck accident and the car even caught on fire. Furthermore, one of the prosecutors said that the case was one of homicide and the deaths should not be recorded as traffic deaths.

It is yet to be ascertained as to how this traffic accident where the driver crossed over the centerline and crashed into oncoming traffic is different from the so many other accidents which happen exactly like this in the state every. Even legal professionals are in search of the right answer.

However, there seems to be consensus that this is more than just a vehicle accident, this was a case of homicide considering the sheer disregard that the suspect showed for human life. He was apparently intentionally driving on the wrong side of the road and high speeds in a reckless manner in his Toyota Tacoma.

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