St. George, UT- Victims of truck accidents understandably have many questions in the wake of a horrible truck accident. One of the more common questions is: How much is my truck accident claim worth? Unfortunately, the team of truck accident lawyers at USAttorneys can’t give a truck accident victim a definitive answer to that question but they will discuss the types of compensation you can seek in order to get an optimal settlement.

That may not be what anyone wants to hear about their truck accident claim, but it is the reality: No attorney can tell you for certain what amount of compensation you will receive for your injuries, but they can draw on their experience to give the truck accident victim an approximation the final settlement they may be entitled to for their injuries of loss of a loved one.

In Utah, individuals who are injured as a result of a truck driver’s or a trucking company’s negligence are allowed to seek financial compensation for their accident-related costs. The best way for a truck accident victim to get a fair settlement is to understand the types of compensation they may be entitled to for their accident.

Following are the different categories of compensation Utah accident victims may be eligible to receive:

Medical Expenses: Medical bills, recovery and rehabilitation are generally the biggest costs truck accident victims face. This compensation covers a victim for all the medical expenses they have accrued because of their accident and can cover current and future medical expenses.

Property Damage: in addition of costs for their medical bills, victims are also eligible for compensation for the value of their vehicle and other property in their vehicle such as clothing, electronics, etc. This compensation also covers damage to buildings and roadways as well.

Emotional damages: This compensation covers the emotional distress and psychological suffering truck accident victims face in the aftermath of major commercial truck collision.

Lost wages: In many cases, truck accident victims aren’t able to return to work for days or even months. In very bad cases, the victims may not be able to work another day in their lives or must find a new occupation.

Punitive damages: These damages are separate from compensatory damages and are imposed on an at-fault party to punish them if their actions were considered especially reckless, egregious or intentional.

That is a list of the major types of compensation truck accident victims can seek in the aftermath of their accident. If you plan on filing a personal injury or wrongful death claim in Utah and live in St. George, we recommend you contact attorney Robert DeBry to help you with your truck accident claim. He and his team of accomplished lawyers will help truck accident victims obtain the maximum amount of compensation they are entitled to for their pain and anguish.

How much compensation truck accident victims receive truly depends on the extent of your injuries and what actions led you’re their injuries. Truck accident victims can rely on the Robert DeBry law firm to build a strong claim on their behalf.