A ten year old child was injured when a truck crashed into his home in South Salt Lake, Utah. 

Truck drives into the side of a home causing property damage and injuries

A pickup truck driver lost control and damaged an occupied house in the Salt Lake City area. A neighbor who lives next door saw the crash and described the scene to the news network. He took out his cell phone and started to record video and take pictures, but he did not initially realize that there were three children inside of the house at the time. 

A 2 year old and a 5 year old in the home did not appear to be injured. A 10 year old male victim was trapped under debris and rubble for about 20 minutes.The young victim needed to be hospitalized and he was in serious condition at the time. A babysitter who was in the house at the time was also hurt. 

Video of the area from the witness showed part of the fence that fell over and a wall that collapsed from the impact of the vehicle. The entire inside of the house appeared to be damaged, as interior walls were destroyed and most of the family’s belongings inside of the house seemed to be disturbed.  

Police believe that the driver was likely speeding and going southbound when he lost control of the vehicle, but they do not know exactly what happened or caused the accident. A sergeant with the South Salt Lake Police department said that the road where the driver lost control is normally very busy at that time of day, and impairment may have possibly been a factor. He added that it was surprising no other vehicles or pedestrians were hit as well. 

Neighbors in the area said that they are hoping and praying that the boy survives, but there were no further updates about his condition. Police did not release any information regarding specific citations or criminal charges against the driver. 

A truck driver who causes serious property damage

When a large truck that is used for either recreational or commercial purposes collides with a home or any other piece of property, the results are usually disastrous. People can be injured, and the entire structure can be demolished due to the size and weight of the truck. 

After getting medical assistance, victims should look into the possibility of a civil lawsuit to help pay for their losses. Losing a home or a business can be extremely expensive, and the person at fault should be made to pay for the damage they caused. 

Get more information about civil lawsuits

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