Truck-AccidentSalt Lake City, UT- It’s hard to imagine what it would be like to be pinned under a tractor-trailer or large tanker truck. Accidents in which a vehicle is pinned under a large commercial truck usually end badly. Unless you are one Utah family who miraculously escaped injury when their car became trapped under a tanker truck. reports that on December 30th, Heather Slack and her two children were traveling west on I-80 next to a tanker truck when she hit a patch of black ice and her car began to careen out of control. Slack told KLS that she tried to move into another lane to get away from the truck but the next thing she knew her car was under the truck.

Slack’s vehicle was dragged for approximately 200 yards, but much to her surprise, and the surprise of emergency crews, neither she nor her daughter and son were injured. She said when the roof of her car was crushed it formed “pods” around her and her children, keeping them from being seriously injured.

“No fatalities. No injuries. It’s an absolute miracle that there were no injuries in this particular crash,” UHP Sgt. Blaine Robbins told KLS. “I can’t reiterate how lucky these people are. It’s unreal. They’re very, very lucky.”

Just this week an Oregon man narrowly escaped death when his pickup truck became wedged between two tractor-trailers in the massive 26-vehicle accident which occurred in Oregon over the weekend. Kaleb Whitby’s truck also became wedged underneath a large truck, but for some reason he managed to avoid being crushed beneath or in between two tractor-trailers.

The victims of these two accidents were very lucky, but not at truck accident victims are this fortunate. A large number of accidents in which a passenger vehicles are pushed under a tractor-trailers or other commercial trucks end in death or catastrophic injuries.

In recent years there has been a push to prevent accidents like these from happening by changing federal underride guard regulations by strengthening current requirements and making new ones. Underride guards are those bars that you see hanging from the back of tractor-trailers. Those bars are supposed to keep cars from being pushed under large commercial vehicles. If those guards aren’t corroded or damaged they do a good job of saving lives, but trucking safety advocates say these guards are not enough. They want the side underride guards to be used on the millions of large commercial trucks operating in the U.S. and have urged the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to make that a reality.

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