Utah State University (USU) has confirmed that five of their athletes were involved in a serious auto-accident involving a sports utility vehicle and a semi-trailer truck. The crash happened in the proximity of the Trenton area while the five athletes were making their way back from a day out which they had spent at Newton Dam Reservoir. Many of the persons involved are said to be in a critical condition according to Fox13now.com.

Among the five athletes were four current Utah State Football Players and one female ex-Utah State University softball player. They have been identified by USU as Edmund Faimalo, Adewale Adeoye, John Taylor, and Travis Seefeldt. The former female USU softball player has been identified as Sarah Vasquez.

The university’s acting athletic director Jana Doggett made a press statement where she expressed best wishes by saying that their prayers go out to the injured and their families and that they are hoping all five athletes will make a quick and painless recovery.

Athletes lucky even be alive – not wearing seatbelts

According to witness statements, the five were riding in a Chevrolet Tahoe on SR-23 and at first it seemed like the Tahoe was slowing down and coming to a halt to give right of way to a semi-trailer truck but for some reason it ended up suddenly accelerating and came to a halt right in front of the truck in the intersection, as a result of which the truck ploughed into the side of the Chevrolet Tahoe.

Young adults think they are invincible

Further investigation also revealed that none of the five persons inside the Tahoe were wearing their seat belts. Supposedly, the impact of the crash was so substantial that it pushed the Tahoe nearly 75 yards in a southeasterly direction.

The semi attempted to swerve away at the last second to avoid hitting the Tahoe but ended up crashing into its side and caused extensive damage to the front portion of the Chevrolet. According to police reports, the front passenger and driver were in the worst state and were airlifted to an Ogden hospital. The three male athletes at the back were transported by ambulance to hospitals in the Logan area.

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