As we see more and more stores shutting their doors to consumers, we also witness FedEx and UPS trucks out delivering packages more frequently. Why? Well, many people have come to a point in their life where they would rather let an item get delivered to their doorstep rather than fight through the traffic and crowds just to go and pick it up in the store. But, with more UPS and FedEx trucks out on the roadways, it is important we become more aware of how we can avoid an accident with one of these vehicles.

That is why we are sharing with you below some tips from two UPS drivers who have been working for the company for nearly 20 years and managed to avoid an accident during the entire time they have been employed.


Tips from UPS Truck Drivers on How to Stay Safe on the Roadways


  • Put the distractions away and remember what it means to be a safe driver. Eating, drinking, doing your makeup, or talking on your phone are actions that defy what being a safe driver actually is. One of the UPS drivers, Brad Holloway, said that on a daily basis, he sees at least seven out of ten people with a phone in their hands while they are driving.

    One UPS driver said he sees at least seven out ten people every day with a cell phone in their hand while driving.


  • Plan for what’s ahead. Pay attention to taillights. They let you know when traffic is slowing and if you look beyond the car in front of you, you can tell if you need to begin hitting your brakes even if the driver in front hasn’t yet done so.


  • Honk when backing up. Holloway said that UPS trucks don’t beep when they back up because it has become one of those sounds that people tend to ignore. But, when a car or truck beeps, the sound is taken more seriously. Holloway said that he uses this method when driving in his UPS truck and in his own personal vehicle.


  • Make eye contact at intersections. Mike Torrence says he has had way too many encounters with drivers running stop lights and stop signs. So, rather than increase your chances of crashing into one of these large trucks or any other vehicle, be sure you make eye contact with the other driver before proceeding on and assuming it is your turn to go.


  • Drive for the people around you. According to the Seattle Times, “UPS drivers develop an instinct for anticipating the stupid things people will do,” and perhaps they can do this because they spend so much time out on the roads. But, the truth is, you do need to drive for others because while you might be cautious and attentive, someone else might not be and you want to be able to spot them and avoid driving next to them.


Not only is it the duty of a UPS driver to help prevent a collision but also the responsibility of other motorists who are sharing the roadway with them. We all play a role in making our roadways safer and if we want to see the number of accidents occurring go down, then we have to start taking action ourselves.


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