Authorities Suspect Truck Accident Probable Cause

St. Johns, Florida (July 23rd, 2015): A body of a woman described as “in her forties” was found lying unresponsive near Flying J truck stop in the proximity of Interstate 95 last week, according to ActionNewsJax. The discovery has left investigators searching for clues to figure out what might exactly have transpired to cause the woman’s death. Florida Highway Patrol’s homicide department is on the case and they are supposedly processing through this case pretty rapidly.

An autopsy of the body has revealed the official cause of death as blunt force trauma. Reports also reveal several points of impact or force on the decedent’s body which leads detectives and forensic experts to believe that she was hit by a truck while at the truck stop. Authorities and Florida truck accident lawyers have used various investigative techniques and technologies to narrow down the possible scenarios. They say that it seems like the woman was struck by the trailer portion of a semi.

As far as apprehending the driver that has caused the accident, it is definitely going to prove to be a very difficult task for authorities given the fact that there are no witnesses in the case whatsoever. The body was found in the morning on Friday when a routine worker was cleaning the area out when he was startled by the unresponsive body.

Latest updates suggest that authorities have discovered that the deceased woman was a homeless person and had made a habit of sleeping under trailers. Investigators have confirmed that they have identified the woman, but have not publicly released her identity as they first need to reach out to any of the relatives and break the news to them.

In another news, an 84 year old man was killed in a road accident. The accident occurred on Tuesday morning on Alico Road near Gulf Coast Town Center and claimed the life of 84 year old William Schosek, according to The crash has been described as t-bone collision between a Ford Escape car that Schosek was driving and a dump truck driven by an unidentified 40 year old man.

Police reports suggest that Schosek was attempting to make a u-turn while driving in an easterly direction right in front of the dump truck. As Schosek began the maneuver, the dump truck driver was caught off guard and attempted to sway out of the way but ended up ploughing into the driver’s side of the Ford and killing Schosek. There is not too much Florida truck accident attorneys can do in cut and dry cases such as this.

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Truck operating companies and truck drivers are, more often than not, the culprits in accidents involving them and other vehicles. This is due to the fact that these companies sometimes cut corners by not upgrading their trucks when they should or training their personnel when they should also.

Therefore, it is vital to hire yourself a Florida truck accident attorney who specializes in suing such companies. A qualified and experienced attorney will know exactly how to handle the situation and will be able to help you obtain the compensation you deserve if you have been a victim of a truck driver or business.