Tougher underride guards could prevent nearly 250 deaths annually, according to the IIHS.

Pittsburgh, PA- Commercial trucks continue to get safer, but some areas of trucking safety that are being neglected by the industry, namely underride guards. Safety advocates have been demanding tighter regulations for underride guards, but it’s an issue the either the trucking industry or federal regulators have tackled.

Most motorists don’t know what an underride guard is, but they’ve seen if they’ve even ridden behind a tractor-trailer. Underride guards are the bars that run along the back of a semi that are supposed to keep a car from sliding under the rear of a large truck. Under current regulations, semis must be equipped with rear underride guards, but safety advocates say those regulations aren’t stringent enough.

In a 2011 study, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety found that there are incidents in which rear underride guards don’t protect all motorists. They found that an auto was more likely to slide under a semi if the impact of a crash occurs to the left or right of a guard’s center. When a truck is equipped with a weak underride guard, the point of impact is the windshield which makes the crash deadlier.

Brain, spinal and neck injuries are common when a motorist slides under a commercial truck. .

In crash tests using a truck outfitted with an underride guard that meets the minimum U.S. standards, passenger vehicles traveling at 35 mph slid under a truck after striking the dead center of an underride guard, according to IIHS. Another thing that could save live is requiring side underride guards which are not mandatory in the U.S. Such guards could offer better protection in side impact crashes.

Based on their data, the IIHS estimates that requiring stronger rear underride guards and making side underride guards mandatory could save hundreds of American lives and prevent 5,000 injuries each year. Despite that fact, federal agencies are slow to enact tougher regulations.

When a passenger vehicle slides under the rear of the truck, the injuries a victim can suffer can be severe. Head trauma, spinal and neck injuries are common and in many cases can be incapacitating or require an extensive recovery period. Such injuries are costly and can dramatically alter the course of a victim’s life which is why USAttorneys encourages them to seek out legal advice.

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