Truck accident victims can suffer a range of injuries, but brain, spinal, and neck injuries are common.

Wilmington, DE- Tractor-trailers, tankers and other commercial trucks are large and heavy, so when these vehicles are involved in a collision, the impact can be enormous. Unfortunately, due to the size of commercial vehicles, truck accident victims often suffer debilitating injuries that are costly and life-altering. So, what are common injuries for truck accident victims?

An injury that is common for truck accident victims is the traumatic brains injury. A brain injury can be devastating, leaving the sufferer incapable of performing mundane tasks such as walking or talking. The path to recovery is a difficult one for TBI victims if they can recover at all. Sadly, many truck accidents victims are saddled with a lifetime of medical costs and can no longer support themselves.

Also common are spinal and neck injuries. In some cases, accident victims who suffer spinal or neck injuries can fully recover, but some victims are left wholly or partially paralyzed. Like a TBI, a spinal or neck injury can leave the suffer with a lifetime of medical costs.

Burns, caused by fire or chemicals, are also typical for truck accident victims since many carry caustic, flammable or volatile substances. A severe burn can be painful and disfiguring and are often accompanied by respiratory problems caused by breathing in gas and other chemicals at the scene.

Traffic accidents cost Americans about $18 billion annually.

Traffic accidents cost Americans about $18 billion annually.

Broken bones, cuts, and abrasions are also common. While such injuries may not be as serious as the ones discussed above, a broken bone is painful and can result in thousands of dollars in medical bills. Even if a truck accident victim’s injuries are not as serious as a brain injury or paralysis, suffers could still face chronic pain and experience a lesser quality of life because of their injury.

Truck and car accidents cost the U.S. $18 billion annually according to the Centers for Disease Control. For the individual victim in Delaware, a truck accident can result in millions or hundreds of thousands in medical expenses, property repair, lost wages and lost productivity. Truck accident victims have a lot at stake, so they need legal assistance with their claim to ensure they get the full amount of compensation they are entitled to for their injuries.

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