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Brooksville, FL- A truck accident can leave a victim reeling and soon facing a mountain of accident-related debt. Considering the exorbitant costs of medical care and property repair or placement, it’s natural for accident victims want to hold a truck driver accountable, so they should be aware of the types of compensation they could be entitled to for their pain and suffering.

An important thing to note about filing a personal injury claim in Florida is that the state is a no-fault state. That means a truck accident victim must first file with their insurance company for financial compensation. Following that, the victim may be qualified to file a formal personal injury claim and seek the additional compensation, but they must be able to prove their accident caused them to suffer a “serious injury” as outlined by Florida’s personal injury statutes.

This is why it is best for a victim to retain truck accident lawyer near them to help them decide if they are qualified to file a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit.

If you are eligible for additional compensation, there are there main types you and your loved ones may seek from negligent or reckless driver. Those damages are: compensatory and punitive damages and both can be a challenge to obtain.

Compensatory damages for Florida truck accidents will cover your financial losses resulting from your medical bills, property repair or replacement costs and damages for your emotional distress. Some truck accident victims may also be eligible for compensation for their loss of wages. Truck accident victims who suffer debilitating injuries may also be awarded compensation for their short-term and long-term expenses, including their present and future medical care and everyday living expenses.

While compensatory damages are intended to cover a truck accident victims losses from their accident, punitive damages serve to punish a truck driver for acting negligently, recklessly or purposely. A driver’s actions must be considered depraved or willfully negligent. For instance, a truck accident victim may eligible for punitive damages if a truck driver was intoxicated when they caused a major accident.

Punitive damages are generally awarded on top of compensatory damages and has a different standard of proof for you to have a successful claim. That is why USAttorneys urges all truck accident victims to speak with a truck accident lawyer near their Florida location. For victims in Brooksville and nearby areas, we recommend the personal injury lawyers at the Holliday Karatinos Law Firm for their professional service. They understand what makes an injury claim or wrongful death suit successful and will work hard for you and your loved ones.

Being a smaller firm allows the accident attorneys at the Holliday Karatinos Law Firm to give your case the individual attention it deserves. James Wayne Holliday began practicing personal injury law in Florida since 1995, and is there to help accident victims in Brooksville with their injury or wrongful death claims. USAttorneys can help you contact their office and get the help you need.