Beaverton, OR- A collision between a box truck and a sedan at a notoriously dangerous intersection in Forest Grove left two college students dead and calls for increased safety.

The accident occurred Monday at the intersection of Verboort Road and Highway 47 just after 9 a.m. when the driver of a small sedan pulled in front of a box truck. The driver of the box truck was unable to stop in time and slammed into the vehicle which was carrying to teenage girls who attended Pacific University.

When emergency crews arrived they found both occupants of the sedan dead. They have been identified as Kiden Dilla, 18, who was driving and her passenger Ayan Osman, 19.

One witness who was behind the sedan told KGW that he heard a big bang and everything just slid. He went to the vehicle to offer the young women assistance but they were already dead.

Police said the truck driver was not at fault, but are still investigating the accident.

For whatever reason the driver pulled right out in front of him,” Oregon State Police Sergeant Brad Hessel told Oregon Live. “At this point there doesn’t seem to be any fault on his part.”

People who regularly travel on Highway 47, say this is a notoriously dangerous intersection and have called for changes to the intersection to prevent deadly accidents like this one. The Oregon Department of Transportation added turn lanes to make the intersection safer, but some believe more needs to be done.

As this accident makes clear, a collision with a box truck or other large commercial truck can be deadly. While the driver in this particular incident was not at fault, there are many occasions when a deadly or injurious accident can be directly attributed to a driver’s or a truck company’s negligence.

Truck accidents have numerous causes that many times are out of the driver’s control. But there are plenty of accidents that are completely avoidable especially those attributed to driver error, intoxication or mechanical issues. And unlike auto accidents, the liability for an injurious or deadly truck accident can land on the shoulders of more than one party. For instance, if a truck driver’s brakes fail and they are traveling too fast for road conditions prior to an accident, both the driver and their trucking company may be liable for the resulting injuries.

Because liability for a truck accident not as cut and dry as other types of accidents, the victims to have the right representation. In order to obtain a fair settlement, victims need to retain an Oregon truck accident attorney to craft a strong personal injury claim.

An important aspect of any personal injury claim is an understanding of how the injury or injuries will affect the victim. Many of the injuries that result from a truck accident are serious. A victim may require extensive medical care and will be facing costly medical bills. Some victims may never be able to work again. Truck accident victims need enough compensation to cover their medical costs, their everyday living expenses and their pain and suffering. A Beaverton truck accident attorney will do what is necessary to assure their clients receive the compensation they need.