In 2015, there were a total of 24,066 collisions reported in the state of Delaware that were responsible for killing several and leaving many innocent individuals suffering from long-term disabilities [Source: Delaware State Police].  One woman in Harrington was recently killed after a dump trump neglected to stop at a stop sign at an intersection causing his vehicle to slam into hers.  62-year-old Michele Handy was behind the wheel of that car that was hit and although she stood no chance at surviving, the driver of the truck was able to walk away from the scene suffering no injuries at all, according to Delaware Online.

Sadly, many truck collisions end this way, with a truck driver who was protected by their massive vehicle allowing them to live, and a vulnerable motorist killed. Although these accidents cannot be reversed and the pain cannot be taken away, victims of these accidents who manage to survive along with families who lost a loved one can seek justice with the right kind of help. And that help comes from truck accident attorneys in Delaware.

After an accident occurs and it can be proven that it was caused out of negligence, a victim or their surviving family might be entitled to compensation that covers various things like pain and suffering, medical bills, lost wages, loss of consortium, etc. How much compensation you might wonder? Well, that all depends on the severity of the accident and the damage done. But, in order to recover this compensation, you need to know which parties you can turn to for it. Insurance companies are usually where you start and they sometimes make cases more difficult for the victim or their family simply because they don’t want to pay out what these individuals are rightfully due. And here’s how we know.



Truck Crash Lawyers Have the Ability to Get You the Maximum Compensation Your Accident Entitles You to


Seitz, Van Ogtrop & Green, P.A., which is a prominent law firm located in Delaware, took on a case where a plaintiff was first offered $18,000 from a claims adjuster. After attorney Bernard A. Van Ogtrop got involved, the insurance company then increased their offer to $20,000. Unfortunately, because they appeared to be acting out of bad faith, the lawyer decided to point this out to the insurance company and gave them a deadline to respond. Like most insurance companies, the adjuster attempted to provide a low-ball settlement offer but after realizing they weren’t going to get away with it, they increased their offer to $100,000.


It is not in your best interest to agree to a settlement offer until a truck accident lawyer has reviewed it and is sure that it is a fair offer.

While the victim had already gone through enough, you would think that the insurance company wouldn’t want to contribute to the stress they were already experiencing, however, in very few instances do they care.


This case is a prime example of why you should be represented by legal counsel after being involved in an accident and looking to collect the compensation you are more than deserving of. So, if you are the victim of a truck collision in Delaware or you lost a loved one to a tragic accident, contact the Law Offices of Seitz, Van Ogtrop, & Green P.A. now by calling 302-888-0600 where you will receive the support and assistance that will make this tough time easier to deal with.