Nashville, TNTruck collisions are devastating to drivers in standard vehicles. The victim may need to be hospitalized and require various forms of treatment to be rehabilitated. However, there may be ways for the victim to force the trucking company to pay for their losses. One of the ways this happens is when a victim files an injury lawsuit, and the trucking company has an insurance policy that will cover their losses. This is usually possible due to special high risk insurance policies that these companies purchase. 

Commercial insurance policies for fleets of vehicles

Many large commercial insurance companies offer policies for various types of trucks in case they are ever sued by an accident victim and found to be at fault. These providers will usually cover different types of vehicles like pickup trucks, box trucks, semi trucks, flatbed trailers, dump trucks, tractors, or whatever type of vehicle is specific to their line of business.

The costs and coverage amounts of these policies may change based on things like the number of vehicles in the fleet, the amount of miles the drivers typically travel in a day, and the company’s history of accidents, traffic violations, and compliance with commercial vehicle regulations. 

Coverage for financial losses tied to accidents

When a trucking business is sued and loses the case, thousands of dollars of their liability may possibly be covered by their policy. This allows them to operate and occasionally experience mistakes and accidents without having to pay out of their own financial reserves. The business rather than the individual driver will end up paying these costs in almost all cases. There are doctrines in tort law that make an employer liable for the negligence of employees who are working and engaged in their normal job duties. This also prevents individual workers from having to purchase their own insurance to cover the possibility of losses while working. 

Suing a trucking company

Accident victims can bring lawsuits against negligent drivers and their employers regardless of their insurance situation. The personal injury attorney will do their best to get the defendant to pay the maximum amount of compensation relative to the injuries and losses involved in the lawsuit. The business may end up paying for medical treatment, lost income and wages, property repairs, and emotional pain and suffering of the victims. A lawyer should be consulted to determine specifics related to the amounts that are potentially available. 

Scheduling a meeting with a local truck accident attorney

There are personal injury attorneys who practice locally in the Nashville area who are able to assist with lawsuits against truck drivers and trucking companies. George Fusner is available to meet with potential clients and provide professional representation. 

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