A fatal hit and run that occurred on Highway 280 in the proximity of Key Drive in Birmingham, AL has left a woman identified as Margaret Allison Beard Elliot dead, as reported by wiat.com.

Should Canty be executed?

The hit and run suspect is said to have rammed his pickup truck into the woman and killed her, and then took off from the scene at a high rate of speed. At first, officers were unable to immediately determine who caused the accident but further investigations led them to Michael Terry Canty from Tuscaloosa, a man that is repeat drunk driving offender who was arrested for DUI back in 2005, 2009, and even 2012. The 31 year old has since been apprehended but has posted bail and is out of on a $120,000 bond.

According to truck accident attorneys in Birmingham, AL, the severity of the DUI and the fact that Canty is a repeat DUI offender is sure to fetch him a very lengthy prison sentence indeed. He can possibly have his sentence somewhat curtailed if he hires the firm and the attorney from http://www.jonathanwgathings.com/.

Florence teenager faces manslaughter charges in fatal crash that killed Florence woman

A teenager from Florence is being held in custody after being indicted by a jury based trial of manslaughter. The jury in the case concluded that the teen was reckless and is therefore liable for the death of a Florence woman in April in an accident that occurred in the intersection between the roads, Darby Drive and Cloyd Boulevard, as reported by timesdaily.com.

The decedent has been identified 47 year old Shirley Brannon from Florence. The teenager who is accused of driving recklessly has been identified as Brian Parker Peden. According to police reports, Peden’s truck t-boned Brannon’s car at the intersection. The impact was on the driver’s side and caused critical injuries to Brannon, which she eventually succumbed to. According to friends and colleagues of the decedent, she had just left her workplace on her lunchbreak when tragedy struck.

Peden’s Birmingham, AL truck accident attorney has however been successful in ensuring that Peden qualifies for Youthful Offender Status, since he is under the age of 21. These are some of the wonderful things the attorneys off the site USAttorneys.com can do for you. Peden is currently out of jail after having posted a $10,000 property bond.

Truck accident legislation in the state of Alabama

The roads of Alabama are becoming incessantly infested by trucks and rigs of all shapes and sizes that are transporting payloads with incredible weights. Trucking companies that operate these trucks face cut throat competition that is causing them to resort to unsafe practices which are effective but compromise the safety of others on the roads and are also illegal.

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