Example of Train and Tractor-Trailer AccidentMinneapolis, MN- Last month, a tractor-trailer, carrying an over-sized load, made several unsuccessful attempts to a cross set of train tracks in North Carolina before an Amtrak passenger train slammed into it, injuring 55 passengers on board the train. According to the National Transportation Safety Board, accidents like this one are not anomalies, they occur about 10 times a week throughout the U.S. and Minnesota, despite the fact that simple communication could prevent them.

In the aftermath of that accident, the rail industry asked for five years to install a $9 billion high-tech alert system to prevent such accidents. Safety advocates, however said that won’t prevent such accidents, according to Philly.com. In the meantime, these accidents will continue to occur and people will be unnecessarily injured.

What would prevent such accidents? The NTSB and other safety advocates agree that communication between trucking and rail companies would be the simplest and most cost-effective way to prevent rail crossing accidents. But as the Associated Press discovered there is no federal regulation dictating these companies communicate with each other when an oversized truck federal law attempts to cross railroad tracks. Additionally, only two-thirds of states have such requirements.

If you could prevent injury to others and extensive property damage by making a phone call, would you? Most people would say “Yes.” But injury attorney Rob Pottroff told the AP that these industries believe that by stepping up to prevent accidents they are admitting liability and no one wants to do that. Even though millions in medical costs and property damage could be avoided.

In 2000, the NTSB suggested that the trucking industry be responsible for alerting rail companies, but the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration said it is the responsibility of both industries, according to the AP.

Unfortunately, we happen to live in world where people fail to take sensible steps to prevent accidents unless the law requires them to do so. That’s the sad truth.

Even with strong federal regulations in place to prevent deadly or injurious truck accidents, they are ignored by too many drivers and trucking companies and innocent people suffer catastrophic or deadly injuries as a result. Fortunately, victims of serious truck accidents attributed to negligence can seek compensation for their injuries or untimely death of a loved one.

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