Atlanta, GA- The fight over how many hours truck drivers should be allowed to driver each workday was reignited this week after a trucking safety group released the results of survey showing the majority of Americans don’t want truckers on the road for long hours.

The survey was sponsored by the Truck Safety Coalition and Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety (AHAS) and was conducted by Lake Research Partners. Eighty percent of the survey participants, 1016 total, said they would not approve of increasing driving times and they would feel less safe on the road if the re-start rules were changed.

Only 17 percent of respondents said they were in favor of increasing hours-of-service for truck drivers.

This survey reveals a clear disconnect between what the public wants and what special trucking interests want from Congress,” Jackie Gillan, president of AHAS in a statement. “We urge Congress to reject this anti-safety change and heed the public’s assessment of its dangers.”

Trucking industry giants like the American Trucking Association pushed back against the survey, stating it was flawed. CEO Brian Graves called the survey “misleading” and that a “push poll should not be taken into consideration when crafting public policy,” according to Trucking Info.

The fight over hours-of-service rules in the trucking industry was brought into the spotlight over this summer after actor Tracy Morgan was seriously injured in a June truck accident. A Walmart tractor-trailer slammed into a limo bus carrying Morgan and three other passengers traveling at about 60 mph. One of those passengers, comedian and writer Jimmy Mack, was killed. Other passengers in the limo and the driver also suffered serious injuries.

In the aftermath of the accident, truck driver Kevin Roper admitted to police that he had been awake for 24 hours preceding the accident. The horrific crash along with Roper’s admission brought the issue of truck driver fatigue to the public’s attention.

That accident, aside from grabbing national headlines, halted Congressional action which would have suspended the 34-hour re-start rule. A move safety advocates said would lead to an increase in a fatal truck accidents.

Half of the survey participants were told about Tracy Morgan’s crash, the other half was not.

Morgan is still recovering from his injuries which include several broken ribs, a broken leg and a traumatic brain injury. His injuries are typical of truck accidents victims and it will take, at minimum, months for him to recover. In recent statement, Morgan’s attorney said the comedian’s brain injury was so severe he may never be able to work again.

Fatigued driving plays a role in a large number of truck accidents and leads to thousands of unnecessary deaths each year. If you have been injured or has lost a loved one because of fatigued truck driver, an Atlanta truck accident attorney will ensure you get full and fair compensation for your injuries and emotional suffering. With a truck accident attorney on your side, you don’t have to worry about any of your accident-related expenses coming out of your pocket.