Cook County, IL- Each year the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration conducts what is known as Roadcheck where the agency conducts random inspections of commercial trucks and buses. Now the results for the safety blitz are in and most of the inspections revealed vast improvements in the several areas of trucking safety.  Inspectors however found an increase in drivers with out-of-service (OOS) violations that should have taken them off the road.

Overall, the FMCSA along with Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance conducted 73,475 total inspections between June 3rd and June 5th. Total inspections are the most thorough.

Of the total inspections, 23 percent, or 11,420, resulted in out-of-service violations a slight decrease compared the 24 percent of out-of—service violations in 2013, according to Trucking Info.

Other types of inspections included total inspections (vehicle and driver), walk-around inspections, driver-only inspections and vehicle-only inspections.

The agencies conducted 72,415 driver inspections, compared to 71,630 last year, according to Trucking Info. Last year, 4.3 percent of drivers had OOS violations, but this year 4.8 percent of drivers were found with OOS violations.

That may seem like a small percentage of drivers but when you crunch the numbers that equates to over 3,300 truck and bus drivers on the nation’s highways with violations serious enough to have them taken off the road.

Our Illinois truck accident attorneys know from first-hand experience, the devastation and harm a negligent truck driver can cause. They understand how difficult  this time is for the truck accident victims they represent, and work diligently to build a strong injury or wrongful death claim on their behalf.

Out of service violations for drivers can include driving under the influence charges, leaving the scene of an accident, using a commercial vehicle for the commission of a felony, causing a fatal accident with a commercial vehicle, driving with a suspended commercial driver’s license.

Traffic violations for which conviction would lead to temporary suspension for a truck driver include: speeding in excess of 15 mile over posted limit, reckless driving, erratic lanes changes and texting or talking behind the wheel.

For the most part, high profile truck accidents, such as the one that injured comedian Tracy Morgan, give truckers and the trucking industry bad press they don’t deserve. Many drivers are experienced and make safety of other motorists their top priority. But there are enough negligent truck drivers

Trucking safety is a serious issue and it’s crucial for every motorists’ safety to keep bad truck drivers off the road. Yes, many accidents are caused by passenger vehicle motorists, but truck accidents tend be twice as deadly and result in far more devastating injuries. That is why there is so much emphasis placed on the need for trucking safety and preventing careless truck drivers from getting behind the wheel.

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