Fulton County, GA- Despite recent criticism over lack oversight, regulators for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration recently shut down a North Carolina truck company after an investigation revealed numerous safety violations. The company was ordered to close immediately as the federal agency stated they were an imminent hazard on the roads.

In an October inspection, regulators from the FMCSA found that the Moonlight Express trucking company failed to regularly inspect, maintain and repair their equipment as required by federal law.

The numerous violations of this trucking company are snapshot, there are many companies operating trucks that cannot meet federal standards. Safety regulations may seem like a burden on the trucking industry, but there are in place to keep motorists, including the truck driver, safe when they are on the roads.

One of the most assured ways to prevent truck accidents is to have experienced well-trained drivers who are capable of handling their vehicles in inclement weather and other dangerous situations. Trained drivers or drivers with a safe driving record can drastically reduce the number of seriousness of truck accidents.

In addition to the equipment violations, Moonlight Express was also cited for employing drivers who were not qualified. On numerous occasions the company allowed a driver with a suspended commercial driver’s license to drive. Investigators also found that the company did not ensure their drivers followed out-of-service regulations aimed at reducing fatigued driving.

The FMCSA also found that the company did not regularly conduct periodic drug testing on their drivers. Some drivers were allowed to drive prior to passing pre-employment drug and testing as federal law requires.

Any motorists who drink or use drugs before driving are at an increased risk of causing an injurious or deadly accident. When that motorist is driving a large and heavy truck, the ensuing damage and injuries will be even more severe.

“We will continue to have zero tolerance for commercial truck and bus operators and their drivers who choose to ignore critical safety regulations that protect every traveler on our roadways,” said Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administrator Anne S. Ferro. “Knowingly operating an unsafe vehicle or failing to comply with driver safety regulations puts the entire motoring public at risk.”

This year the FMCSA has closed 11 trucking companies out of an estimated 1.5 million. While not all trucking companies operate like this one, it only takes one missed inspection or delayed repair to cause a dangerous accident.

Mechanical failures are the direct cause of a large number of truck accidents therefore trucking companies that fail to properly maintain their vehicles can be held liable for the accidental injuries and deaths. A truck accident attorney will be able to determine which parties, whether it is the truck driver, the trucking company or both are responsible for your injuries.

With the assistance of an attorney, truck accident victims can maximize the settlement amount they receive by presenting convincing evidence and expert testimony.   If you have been injured in an accident with a commercial vehicle contact a truck accident attorney in your area.