Portland, OR- A Delaware-based trucking company will have to pay the family of Portland woman $700,000 dollars for the wrongful death 28 year-old Kathryn Rickson who was stuck by tractor-trailer in downtown Portland.

In May of 2012, Rickson was cycling downtown just past 8 p.m. and was in the designated bike lane between Fourth and Third Avenues. The Oregonian reported that as she approached the intersection of Third Ave, a tractor-trailer turned right into her path.

Rickson stuck the front fender of the large truck which has crossed over into the bike lanes. She was run over and was rushed to a local hospital where she later died.

The truck driver, Dawayne Eacret, was not charged for the accident as authorities determined he could not have seen Rickson approaching. According to the Oregonian, a witness said Rickson was traveling very fast prior to the collision.

Rickson’s family, however, filed the wrongful death suit seeking $1.8 alleging that trucking company Golden State Foods was negligent. The truck accident attorney, retained by the Rickson family, said the young woman’s death could have been prevented had the passenger, who was riding with Eacret to help deliver goods, looked in the rear-view mirror. They also alleged the company didn’t adequately train its drivers, and didn’t properly equip its trucks with blind-spot mirrors.

Golden State Foods filed a counter-claim alleging Rickson failed to lookout for her own safety, was operating he bicycle at an excessive speed and failed to yield the right of way.

to keep a proper lookout for her own safety; operating her bicycle at an excessive rate of speed given the location, circumstances, and presence of other vehicles; failure to keep her vehicle under proper control; and failure to yield the right-of-way to the truck.

The plaintiff’s attorney recreated and taped the accident which they showed to the jury just prior to calling their final two witnesses, the Oregonian recorded. The recreation was compelling and the Golden State Foods offered Rickson’s parents $700,000 to settle the wrongful death claim.

Her parents agreed to the settlement, and her father emphasized that there were no winners in this case. But it’s not about winning, injury and wrongful death suits are about getting justice and the peace of mind that all of the victim’s accident related costs will be covered.

When you retain a truck accident attorney, you expect them to do what it takes to secure a favorable personal injury or wrongful death settlement for all negligent parties. In this case, a recreation of the accident was enough to convince the court that Rickson’s parents deserved compensation for their daughter’s untimely death.

This dedication and willingness to go above and beyond is what you can expect from our Portland truck accident attorneys. Having a truck accident attorney sends the message that you take you accident seriously and won’t be shortchanged. You can obtain a generous settlement as long as you have a Portland truck accident attorney on your side.