West Palm Beach, FL – Drivers of commercial trucks need to possess certain credentials such as a commercial driver’s license and the vehicle must also meet requirements for size and weight. Additionally, trucks are limited in the number of hours they can work in a day or week. All of these regulations are meant to minimize the possibility of accidents and road hazards. Despite all of these safety measures, there are still accidents involving trucks in Florida. The business that owns the vehicle and the driver can both be sued for their role in causing a collision and associated injuries and problems. 

Regulations set by the state DOT

Trucking regulations in Florida are set by the Florida Department of Transportation and enforced by the state’s highway patrol through the Office of Commercial Vehicle Enforcement. These agencies advise businesses to retain their own lawyer or other professional who can provide advice about compliance with various regulations. 

Vehicles must comply with certain standards for length, height, and weight. The department can issue special permits for individual vehicles or businesses that may not be able to meet these standards for various reasons. Overweight and oversized vehicles have been known to increase the likelihood of traffic incidents and accidents. Transportation of hazardous materials also requires special labeling and packaging. The driver that transports these materials needs a hazmat endorsement on their CDL as well. Any incident involving hazardous material should be reported to the U.S. DOT through the procedures they have in place for such incidents.  

Accidents caused by trucking problems

It is possible that a violation of a regulation or traffic law is a direct cause of an accident on a highway or other road frequented by large trucks. When this happens, there tends to be a large amount of damage due to the differences in size and weight between the vehicles involved. Injured parties can retain their own legal counsel, which will usually be a firm that focuses on lawsuits against trucking companies. The business that owns the truck will be attached as a defendant, and they may have to pay for medical treatment, property damage, lost wages, and other problems caused by their actions. Victims should schedule a meeting with a lawyer as soon as possible afterward to get specific advice about the value of their case and odds of success. 

Local accident lawyers are available to help

After an accident, it is important for victims to get professional legal advice from an attorney or firm that is experienced in this area of the law. Smith and Vanture is a firm that focuses on personal injury cases and related issues in the West Palm Beach area. 

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