Los Angeles, CA- A commercial truck accident can be costly for an insurer and trucking company. The Centers for Disease Control estimates that in 2012, the annual costs of car and commercial truck accidents were in the area of $18 billion. Clearly, truck accidents are costly, so naturally trucking companies and their insurers want to avoid liability for an accident.

There are a number of federal and state laws that govern the safety of commercial trucks which truck drivers and trucking companies are expected to follow. Federal regulations dictate how long a driver is on the road, so they don’t become fatigued, or trucks are in safe working order. When a trucking company or driver fails to follow federal and state regulations as well as local traffic laws, they can be liable for a crash and ordered to compensate accident victims.

But there are two main ways a trucking company will try to avoid liability, which our team of truck accident lawyers in Los Angeles will discuss below:

One way to avoid paying out an accident settlement or at least reduce the amount of the settlement is to place the blame for an accident on you. A trucking company will point the finger at you early on in the process so they can low-ball their settlement offers. If you take any responsibility for an accident, no matter how minimal, the final settlement amount you receive will be reduced by that amount. Say you were rear-ended by a truck, and you weren’t wearing a seatbelt; a trucking company could argue that you are partly responsible for the severity of your injuries and will be assigned a percentage of liability for your injuries. Using that scenario, you may be assigned 10 percent of the liability for a crash, which means the final settlement will be reduced by that amount.

Another way a trucking company will try to avoid liability is to distance themselves from a truck driver and their actions. They can do that by claiming a truck driver is an independent contractor and they are therefore not responsible for their actions nor are they responsible for compensating you. They may also allege that since they do not own a truck, they bear no responsibility for an accident. Those arguments will be harder to assert if you have a truck accident lawyer in Los Angeles, California working on your accident claim and protecting your interests. When you have legal counsel, they can counter the arguments against you and make certain you recover a fair settlement.

USAttorneys can help you find an attorney who will work to get you the full amount of compensation you deserve for your injuries. Once you enlist one of our personal injury lawyers and they will investigate, gather evidence and begin dealing the practical aspects of your injury claim.