The Trucking Alliance announced it would following the recommendation of AAA and require their members include four emerging technologies in their commercial trucks.

Austin, TX-One of the nation’s leading supporters and advocates for trucking safety, the Trucking Alliance, announced this week they would adopt recommendations from the American Automobile Association to increase protections for truck drivers and motorists.

Trucking Alliance Adapts AAA Recommended Safety Rules

The Alliance for Driver Safety & Security or the Trucking Alliance which it’s commonly known as is the largest carrier-based organization in the U.S. and already has stringent requirements for membership. But it will follow the recommendations of AAA and require members to utilize the four the technologies as listed below:

Lane Departure Warning Systems

Video-based Onboard Safety Monitoring

Automatic Emergency Braking Systems

Air Disc Brakes

“These technologies can make the highways safer for our drivers and the public and [that’s] why the Trucking Alliance carriers are installing them on new trucks,” Steve Williams, president of the Trucking Alliance and Chairman/CEO of Little Rock-based Maverick USA said in an AAA press release. Williams added, “The AAA Foundation report shows how these automated technologies can help commercial drivers and motorists avoid accidents and return home safely to their families.”

AAA Study Says Technology Can Prevent Up to 63,0000 Truck Accidents

The four technologies listed above were recommendations in a recent AAA study that found approximately 63,000 truck accidents could be prevented if they were included in the nation’s fleet of commercial trucks.

Trucking Alliance Has Stringent Membership Requirements

On their website, the Trucking Alliance describes themselves as the “leading industry supporter for more safety and security reforms.” The agency aims to improve the wellbeing of truck drivers and the public and reduce the number of severe truck accidents. Below are membership requirements:

  1. ELDs or Electronic Logging Devices
  2. Truck Speed Limiters
  3. Hair Testing
  4. Public Liability Insurance
  5. Onboard Truck Safety Technologies
  6. Driver Hiring and Training Programs

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