Two truck drivers were killed when their trucks hit head-on and caught fire.

Lane County, OR-A commercial trucking accident is one of the worst types of traffic collisions to be in because trucks are so large and heavy. There are even worse outcomes when a large truck hits a vehicle head-on. Many accident victims suffer deadly or debilitating injuries when a truck crash involves front-end impact. The fatal nature of head-on trucking crashes is exhibited by a recent incident in Oregon that killed two truckers.

Two Semi Crash Head-On in Oregon, Both Drivers Killed

Two truck drivers died when their semis collided on an Oregon interstate on December 3, 2017, around 9 a.m. mountain time.

KTVB reports that a semi was traveling east on U.S. 20 near Harper when it crossed over into the westbound lanes for an unknown reason and hit another semi. Both trucks caught fire, and both truck drivers were pronounced dead at the scene.

Two cars were also involved in the crash. According to KTVB, both vehicles were behind the westbound traveling semi when it was hit. The first vehicle rear-ended the semi, and it was rear-ended by a second vehicle. Neither of the drivers was injured.

Oregon State Police said that speed and weather conditions may be a factor in the crash.

Front-Impact Collisions Involving Commercial Trucks

Front impact collisions happen for many reasons. Some are the result of factors beyond a truck driver’s control such as inclement weather or a medical event. However, most head-on trucking accidents occur because a driver is negligent or acts recklessly. Causes of these crashes include:

Abruptly crossing into oncoming traffic

Making a wide turn crossing into the opposite lane

Failing to stop at traffic light or stop sign

Falling asleep at the wheel

Texting and driving

Passing on a two-lane road

If you or a loved one are involved in a head-on crash, recommends you speak to a trucking accident lawyer near your Lane County location to begin investigating your accident and determining who is liable. You’ll have a better outcome if you get an injury lawyer’s advice right away. Waiting too long to get legal help could result in lost evidence and a smaller settlement.

Truck Drivers and Trucking Companies Should be Committed to Safety

Truck drivers and trucking companies should be committed to road safety. That means drivers should refrain from engaging in behaviors that could lead to a head-on crash such as driving fatigued or distracted driving. Trucking companies also have an obligation to ensure their trucks are in good working order with no mechanical issues. There are strict federal laws that make sure truckers and trucking companies are operating safely. If a driver or transport company ignores safety and hurts you or someone you love, speak to a trucking accident lawyer in Lane County, Oregon. Call and arrange a case evaluation today and learn how to move forward with your case.