Cobb County, GA- When a trucking company hires a driver they need to know whether that driver has been in an accident or has a number of a traffic violations on their driving record. A bad driving record can point to driver’s propensity or reckless behavior, and can place heavy liability on a trucking company. Trucking companies rely on applicants to be honest but a recent criminal case involving a trucker shows you can’t always trust people to disclose important information.

Earlier this month, truck driver Arnold Williams was indicted falsifying his driving records on an application for a small trucking company, Trucking Info reported. Exactly which federal charges he is facing and what the possible penalties are is not clear.

According to the complaint, Williams applied to a small company in North Carolina, called MTR Inc., and was hired as a driver. Under DMCSA rules all drivers are required to disclose whether they had been involved in traffic accident or charge with driving under the influence. Williams had a record of both but never let his employer know.

An investigation revealed that in 2013, Williams was involved in an accident that left one person dead, and three others seriously injured. Police determined that Williams was intoxicated at the time of the wreck and later charged him with reckless homicide and having an open container.

Just months after the deadly accident, Williams was pulled over for DUI in Georgia and

But he never told his employer about either of these incidents as required by law, hence the federal charges.

For a trucking company one of the first lines of defense in preventing a serious truck accident is to assure the drivers they hire have safe driving records and no history of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Reputable trucking companies won’t allow a risky driver on the road, but there are plenty out there who don’t care about a driver’s history or the danger they are putting others in.

If a trucking company allows a driver on the road with a suspended CDL or history or bad driving on the road and they harm someone, a Georgia truck accident attorney will make certain that company is accountable for their disregard of the safety of others.

A truck accident is not like a car accident. The injuries are typically more severe and more than one party can be at fault. In order for a truck accident victim to get the compensation they deserve, they must have skilled investigator and savvy litigator on their side.

A Georgia truck accident attorney knows what you are going through during this time and they will do what they can to ease your burdens. Their priority is to build a robust injury claim that takes into account their client’s suffering and the extent of a truck driver’s negligence. With a convincing and effective injury claim, a truck accident victim can rest easy knowing they will justice they need.