Trucker gets seriously hurt in Baton Rouge by DWI driver

Baton Rouge, LA – Most of the hazards that truckers face are due to the possibility of accidents and dangerous road conditions. However, some truckers will also face issues when loading or unloading cargo, as drivers may work with heavy objects or hazardous materials at times. If a driver is hurt during an accident, they may have the ability to bring a civil case against the person or driver responsible for their injuries. Their employer may also be liable in civil court if they were hurt while actively working. After a truck driver sustains an injury, they are able to speak with a lawyer and see if legal action is necessary.  

WBRZ reported on an incident where a truck driver was hit while unloading cargo by an alleged DWI driver who was high on drugs [1]. 

Driver gets high and permanently injures trucker

The incident happened on Greenwell Springs Road in Baton Rouge while the victim was loading cars off of his truck rig. A cell phone video taken by bystanders captured the moments that the victim was hurt. 

The suspect is a 34 year old male who attempted to flee the scene before police caught him about a mile away from where the accident happened. The suspect was barely responsive, and he apparently needed to be given Narcan due to consumption of opiates or Fentanyl. The victim was seriously hurt, and his injuries may be permanent. His medical diagnosis and treatment was still ongoing at the time of the news report. There is the possibility that both his legs may need to be amputated. 

The prosecutor assigned to the case says he is going to attempt to charge the suspect with first degree vehicular negligent injury. However, he is concerned that the statute does not allow him to request a sentence that is long enough to punish the suspect for this kind of behavior. The statute that lists the crime says the maximum penalty is five years. The prosecutor stated that he will ask the legislature if it is possible to change this particular law.  

The suspect has a prior DWI arrest and felony convictions for drug crimes in various parishes in Louisiana. 

Truck accident lawsuits in Louisiana

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